Top Pics of the Week – October 21st

top-pics-of-the-week-10-21-2016-6 Photo by Wandering Woo

Misty moments, dreamy reflections, fall foliage, and more can be found in this week’s Top Pics. The beautiful imagery featured today is courtesy of Wandering WooThe Jar PhotographyMark Hadden PhotographyThe HendrysThe CrawleysDark Roux PhotographySamuel Goh PhotographyDara SikkilaKeepsake PhotoKaty Weaver Photography, and Maciej Suwalowski.

top-pics-of-the-week-10-21-2016-7 Photo by The Jar Photography

top-pics-of-the-week-10-21-2016-1 Photo by Mark Hadden Photography

top-pics-of-the-week-10-21-2016-9 Photo by The Hendrys

top-pics-of-the-week-10-21-2016-2 Photo by The Crawleys

top-pics-of-the-week-10-21-2016-10 Photo by Dark Roux Photography

top-pics-of-the-week-10-21-2016-3 Photo by Samuel Goh Photography

top-pics-of-the-week-10-21-2016-8 Photo by Dara Sikkila

top-pics-of-the-week-10-21-2016-4 Photo by Keepsake Photo

top-pics-of-the-week-10-21-2016-11 Photo by Katy Weaver Photography

top-pics-of-the-week-10-21-2016-5 Photo by Maciej Suwalowski

Big thanks to everyone who shared their work with us this past week! Stay tuned for next week’s Top Pics and be sure to #photobugcommunity on Instagram for a chance to see your work here next week.

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  1. These are great pictures! I especially loved the red barn one!

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