Top Pics of the Week – October 28th

top-pics-week-10-28-16-photobug-2 Photo by Terralogical

We’re jumping for joy because this week’s Top Pics is seriously stunning! Big thanks to TerralogicalSweet Paper MediaKatch SilvaBradford MartensEye and Hand ProjectErnesto Villalba, and Jaleigh Daniel for sharing your work with us this week.

Photo by Katch Silva Photo by Katch Silva

top-pics-week-10-28-16-photobug-4 Photo by Sweet Paper Media

top-pics-week-10-28-16-photobug-7 Photo by Bradford Martens

top-pics-week-10-28-16-photobug-3 Photo by Eye and Hand Project

top-pics-week-10-28-16-photobug-6 Photo by Ernesto Villalba

top-pics-week-10-28-16-photobug-5 Photo by Jayleigh Daniel

Don’t forget to share your work with us on Instagram by #photobugcommunity.

Enjoy the weekend, everyone!


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