Don’t Shy Away From This Tricky Lighting Roundup

Capturing moments of love between couples is the most beautiful part of wedding and engagement photography. Working with various lighting elements can sometimes make the job difficult. For this month’s Photobug Community challenge we asked photographers around the world to share moments captured with tricky lighting. Some photographers might shy away from shadows, starlight, and indoor lighting—but not our community!

As always, we weren’t disappointed by the submissions we received. Keep scrolling to see these inspiring images and learn more about next month’s challenge! 

15 Incredible Tricky Lighting Photos

photo by Redwhite Photo

image by Framedia Wibowo

photo by Martin Venherm

image by RGMphoto

image by Framedia Wibowo

image by Aimée Flynn

image by samsul hidayat

photo by Tia Nash

Thanks again to our incredible Photobug Community for sharing these images with us to help approach tricky lighting with a new mindset. Make sure you’re able to participate in next month’s photos challenge where we’re focusing on unique photography tools by joining our Facebook group. More details about the challenge will be announced soon. Don’t miss out!

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