We’re Celebrating the Beauty of Wedding Photography With These 18 Photos

No matter what happens in the world, one thing remains the same during harsh, unpredictable times: Love never quits.

For this month’s photo challenge, we want to celebrate that timeless miracle. We called on the Photobug Community to celebrate the brilliance of love – and they definitely delivered. We’re hoping that despite today’s circumstances, this beautiful roundup will help you remember the magic of wedding photography.

Pandemic or otherwise, we want you to feel connected to your passion. So tell us: When did you first fall in love with wedding photography? Let’s uplift one another by sounding off in the comments!

photo by Mathias Fast

photo by Klisza Art Studio

photo by Petrichor and Pine

photo by Gilang Uthe

photo by Diana Lubbers Photography

photo by Mathias Fast

photo by The Godard’s Photography

photo by Marie Wootton Photography

photo by Sara Rogers

photo by Boundless Pursuit Photography

photo by Page and Holmes Photography

photo by Mathias Fast

photo by Gilang Uthe

photo by Eirik Halvorsen Photography (@eirikhalvorsen)

photo by Taylor Davenport Photography

photo by Draht Photography

photo by Moriah Jae Photography

photo by Joanna Eliza Photography

A big thank you to everyone who shared their photo submissions with us! Did you miss last month’s challenge? Stay up-to-date and see what else the community has been up to on the blog now!

And don’t forget to join in the fun over on the Photobug Community Facebook group where we host a fun challenge every month.

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