We’re Obsessing Over These Joyful and Sweet Wedding Recessional Photos

Photo by The Montoya Collective

There’s nothing cuter than the look of joy that couples share in their wedding recessional photos. This month, we decided to challenge our Photobug Community to join in our #recessionobsession by sharing a few of their favorite recessional images! Whether or not you’re a fan of confetti and flower petals, we think these sweet moments will have you grinning from ear to ear.

Photo by Fotomagoria

Photo by Eclection Photography

Photo by The Arroyos

Photo by Helena and Laurent

Photo by Paige Nelson Photography

Photo by Marcijuš Weddings

Photo by Jordan Voth

Photo by Helena and Laurent

Photo by Vera Gayazov

Photo by ME+HIM Photography

Photo by Emilie White

Photo by Lindsey Paradiso Photography

Photo by Emilie White

Photo by Devlin Photos

Photo by Seth and Kati Photography

Photo by Helena and Laurent

Photo by B. Matthews Photo

Photo by Love Skye Photography

Photo by Mathias Fast

Photo by Valerie Fernandez

Photo by Andy Turner Photography

Photo by Ed & Aileen Photography

Photo by Tara Lilly Photography

Photo by Babb Photo

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Don’t forget to join in the fun over on the Photobug Community Facebook group, where we host a fun challenge every month.


(3) comments

  1. Josh Andrews

    Lovely photos, but many are so similar and the photographers are the same usual suspects. More variety of photographers and shots, please. And when showcasing something like this, is it really necessary to share more than one image from a photographer? Use that as a chance to pull in some other names! Love what y’all do, but would love to see some new faces!

    • nicole

      Hi Josh,

      Thanks for your feedback! This post is a roundup of images shared in our Photobug Community Facebook group, so the entrants are all members of that group. We welcome you to join in the fun and feel free to spread the message to help us discover more amazing talent! https://www.facebook.com/groups/photobugcommunity/

      xo Nicole

  2. That’s amazing!

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