A Year in Review: Photobug Community’s Favorite Images from 2018

photo by Madeline Rose Photography

Another year is under our belt, and what better way to say goodbye to 2018 than looking back at some of our favorite images! We asked the Photobug Community to post a photo from this year and explain why it’s one of their favorites that they’ve taken. Flooding the Facebook group with #bestofeighteen and touching stories behind each image, it was a joyful time to reflect and see all of the creative wedding photos over the last 12 months. Here’s to 2018!

photo by Carey Nash

photo by Juddric Photography

photo by Tinted Photography

photo by Lit Photography

photo by Tom Armstrong

photo by Traci Edwards Photography

 photo by Brandon Scott

photo by Jen Morrison

photo by Sophie Berard

photo by Bows & Lavender

photo by Patrycja Janik Photography

photo by Sara Rogers

photo by Madeline Rose Photography

photo by Tara Lilly

photo by The Hendrys

photo by Megan Michelle Photo

photo by Katie Marie Photography

photo by Paige Nelson Photography

photo by Nataly Zigdon

photo by Maggie Grace Photography

photo by Elke Van den Ende

photo by Jamie Buckley Photography

photo by Angela Ruscheinski

photo by Jonas Seaman Photography

photo by Lianna Gray Photography

photo by Dallas & Sabrina

photo by Brandi Potter Photography

photo by Bows & Lavender

photo by Candice Marie Photography

photo by Bonita Gabrielle Photography

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