Announcing the 2015 Best of the Best Destination Photo Collection!

finalgraphic2 Photo by Ropate Kama of Kama Catch Me

We have been eagerly awaiting this day for weeks and now that the day is finally here we can hardly stand it! Our 2015 Best of the Best Destination Photo Collection is out of this world beautiful and features work from some of the world’s most talented wedding photographers. What we love most about this collection is the mix of the up and coming and the world renowned; we’ve been introduced to so many new artists and we’ve been exposed to more beauty from some of our favorites! With over 4,000 image submissions from over 40 different countries, our 2nd annual Best of the Best Destination Photo Contest is a true mix of cultures, photographic styles, and stunning destinations. We want to give an enormous shoutout to our rockstar judging panel, Sigit Prasetio and Tito Rikardo of THEUPPERMOST and Gabe McClintock for helping us to curate a phenomenal set of images. And another huge thank you to everyone who submitted this year! Below is a sneak peek of the collection. To view the full collection, head on over to the 2015 Best of the Best Destination Photo Collection gallery.

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Photo-Collection-Junebug-Weddings-33 Photo by Dennis Berti

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Photo-Collection-Junebug-Weddings-41 Photo by Sara Byrne of Dylan and Sara

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Photo-Collection-Junebug-Weddings-11 Photo by Hendra Lesmana of Cheese N Click Photography

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Photo-Collection-Junebug-Weddings-27 Photo by Joe Hendricks Photography

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Photo-Collection-Junebug-Weddings-38 Photo by Cole Roberts of Nordica Photography

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Photo-Collection-Junebug-Weddings-15 Photo by Christophe Viseux

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Photo-Collection-Junebug-Weddings-10 Photo by Matt Tyler Photography

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Photo-Collection-Junebug-Weddings-12 Photo by Kristy Ryan of blush wedding photography

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Photo-Collection-Junebug-Weddings-16 Photo by Allison Callaway of Callaway Gable

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Photo-Collection-Junebug-Weddings-21 Photo by Ivo Popov

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Photo-Collection-Junebug-Weddings-19 Photo by komang diktat of diktatphotography

2015-Best-of-the-Best-Destination-Photo-Collection-Junebug-Weddings-24 Photo by Matthew Evans Photography

View the entire collection here!

Thanks again to everyone who submitted this year! Our next contest, Best of the Best Weddings, opens for submissions on November 2nd. Until then, make sure you stop by this year’s  2015 Best of the Best Destination Photo Collection and don’t forget to check out our 2015 Best of the Best Destination Honorable Mention winners right here on Photobug tomorrow.


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