30 Inclusive Wedding Photos that Beautifully Represent All People

Come one, come all! This month’s Photobug challenge is full of inclusive wedding photos that represents all people. We teamed up with Hakeem and Jasmine, the couple behind a movement called #changetheweddingindustry, to highlight BOTH couples and artists belonging to minority communities.

While #changetheweddingindustry has been a way to be featured in this month’s roundup, representation is something we want to promote all year ’round. Let this be our call to see more couples and artists of color, more LGBT couples and artists, and more couples and artists with disabilities. This goes beyond Photobug Community and into blog submissions and contest entries too! We truly believe that more representation is the first step to a more diverse and thriving industry all around.

photo by Rachel Rowland

photo by Sheyanne Lyn Photography

photo by Illuminate Photography

photo by Shawn Moreton

photo by Erin Fraser Photography

photo by Bri Short Photography

photo by This Is It Studios

photo by Kaitlin Day Photography

photo by Dan Cartwright Photography

photo by Ami Robertson

photo by Miss Gen Photography

photo by Isaac Sim

photo by Ashley White Photos

photo by Love to the Core Photography

photo by Sara Rogers

photo by Love to the Core Photography

photo by Brandi Potter Photography

photo by Ed & Aileen Photography

photo by Toni Larsen Photography

photo by Fox & Kin

photo by M Lindsay Photography

photo by Madeleine Photographe

photo by We Choose the Moon Photography

photo by Film & Forest Photography

photo by Angela Ruscheinski

photo by Wild Connections Photography

photo by Dallas & Sabrina

photo by The Dogwood Collective

photo by Michelle Max Photo

photo by Kestrel Bailey Photography

If you loved these inclusive wedding photos, be sure to check out our previous #loveislove challenge where Photobug Community shared their best same-sex wedding photos!

And don’t forget to join in the fun over on the Photobug Community Facebook group, where we host a fun challenge every month.



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