August Photobug Challenge: Whoops Alcohol

Wedding ceremonies have so much love and happiness while wedding receptions have dancing, partying, and—probably—lots of drinking! When alcohol is involved, things can quickly become hilarious and memorable.

We asked our Photobug Facebook Community to share their favorite funny reception photos and we got champagne showers, shots, and a Dirty Dancing lift. For a good belly laugh, scroll down to see our whoops alcohol photo challenge round up. Feel free to grab yourself a drink while you laugh! 

Image by Framedia Wibowo

photo by Framedia Wibowo

image by Gilang Uthe

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Thank you to our Photobug Facebook Community for sharing these hilarious photos, and for participating in our whoops alcohol challenge. We love featuring the work of photographers and videographers from our community! For a chance to be featured in next month’s photo challenge round-up, be sure to join our Photobug Facebook Community and follow us on Instagram for updates. 

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