Going Back to Basics with our Film Photography Challenge

In this increasingly digital world of ours, film photography has made something of a comeback. Digital photography will continue to be the industry norm–no doubt–since it offers larger storage capacity and quicker turnaround times. But those photographers with a love for film have plenty of reasons to never give up the analog life. There’s a certain nostalgia and sentimentality that can’t be replicated with DSLRs (though editing and presets get us close.) And shooting on film demands careful thoughtfulness behind the lens since every shutter click counts.

In our August 2022 challenge, we asked to see the wedding and couple photographs you’ve captured on film. The 12 images below are some of our favorites. We hope you get a warm, fuzzy feeling while browsing and appreciate what the art of film photography has to offer. 

Film’s Not Dead Photo Challenge

film shot of unknowing wedding guests

Photo by Oli Sansom of Briars Atlas

black and white film photo of bride in window

Photo by Samsul Hidayat

“This was taken with my Nikon FE 35mm camera. I pushed the Kodak Gold 200 film to the max with these lighting conditions in Reynisfjara Beach, Iceland.” – Peter Robinson,
Eye of the Tyne Photography

wedding day in Detroit all captured on film

Photo by Oli Sansom of Briars Atlas

bride with cowboy hat and boots captured on film

Photo by Kate Hampson; Captured on Kodak Portra 400 film stock


This shot was lit by a spotlight in a parking lot; a happy accident which gives the whole image an 80s-high-school-yearbook vibe.


“I shot this image on my Hasselblad 500c on Portra 400 film stock. Hassie, the Hasselblad, has been my trusty sidekick since the beginning. It was the only camera I owned for years while I was saving money for a digital camera to shoot weddings with. It’s impossible to replicate the beauty Hassie captures with a digital camera, so I pack her for every photoshoot.

“This specific image is from Sara and Ben’s wedding at the Solarium in Stevensville, Michigan. The venue is stunning and when I caught a glimpse of Sara and Ben’s reflection in the vintage mirror, I knew my film camera could capture something really unique and beautiful.” – Carin Weston Photography

couple after the rain in Australia's Blue Mountains

Photo by Damien Milan; Captured with a Leica M6 on Kodak Tri-X 400 35mm film stock

bride reclining in front of city window

Photo by Natanael Benino; Captured with Nikon f100 on Kodak Vision3 + film stock

couple kissing under misty rainbow

Photo by Natanael Benino

black and white film photo of couple in LA parking lot

Photo by Kate Hampson


I shot this in a parking lot with my Ilford Delta 3200, as I wanted to run round LA in the dark with only the streetlights as our light source.


double exposure film shot of wedding reception dancing

Photo by Oli Sansom of Briars Atlas

Thanks for checking out our film photography roundup! Interested in participating in next month’s challenge? Join us on Facebook and share your before and after photos that display a post-production transformation. We want to see the creativity and skill that goes into making a truly unique wedding photo.


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