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photography presets for wedding photographers

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As a wedding photographer, the editing process is just as important as capturing jaw-dropping images. To help speed up the somewhat daunting editing process, you should be using wedding photography presets. Presets aren’t just for professionals looking to switch up their editing. They are also a great resource for beginners looking to establish an editing style. 

We’ve compiled a list of top-notch wedding photography presets, recommended by our Photobug Facebook members, that will ease your workflow and set your images apart.

Photobug Presets

Created by: G-Presets in collaboration with Photobug Community
Price: $129
Style: Main folder is clean, natural, and timeless; while folders 2 and 3 are retro, Super 8-inspired
Compatibility: Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw
What’s included: Three folders which contain 26 presets and 9 Effects presets

Photobug Presets were produced by G-Presets–who has a long career in making successful, easy-to-use packs for wedding photographers–in collaboration with yours truly! The Photobug Presets were designed with a timeless and natural aesthetic in mind, avoiding any drastic changes to a photo’s realness. Although, the Super 8-styled presets within the pack are the true showstoppers. They are completely unique and fun, giving photos grain, haze, and light leaks for a nostalgic and retro feel.


Created by: Greg Petersen
Price: $39-$149, or bundle every desktop preset for $349
Style: Multiple preset styles
Compatibility: Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw
What’s included: Varies by preset pack

As we’re sure you can tell, we’re big fans of G-Presets, as they were created with a wedding photographers’ workflow in mind. These editing toolboxes, outfitted with easy-to-use presets, offer instant mood by enhancing natural colors and adding warm tones. They create the perfect base that can easily be tweaked to reflect your wedding photography style—making your photos stand out.

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Image by Take It Photo

Archipelago Presets

Price: $89
Style: Multiple preset styles
Compatibility: Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw, and Adobe Photoshop
What’s included: Varies by preset pack

The versatility makes these presets a popular choice for photographers. The Archipelago Presets were created to enhance all styles of photography, without compromising the original elements that make each image unique. Each preset pack includes custom presets and profiles allowing photographers the ability for optimal customization.

Honey Presets

Created by: India Earl
Price: $200
Style: Golden honey tones, soft milky whites, punchy contrast
Compatibility: Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw, and Adobe Photoshop
What’s included: Honey Preset, Honey modifiers, toolkit, video tutorial, and educational PDF guide

Created for photographers that are looking to simplify their editing process. The Honey Presets allow photographers to tap into their creativity and better develop their own style. It was created to preserve natural skin tones while gently balancing them with different natural lighting scenarios.

Image by Arte Magna


Created by: Trey Wallace
Price: $40
Style: Warm, moody, and earthy tones that enhance natural colors
Compatibility: Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw
What’s included: Seven color presets, two black and white 

These presets were made for adventure and built to capture “the intimacy of a portrait without sacrificing a sense of place.” Atlas is composed of nine presets that are a balanced mix of crisp and moody—perfect for adventurous weddings, epic landscapes, and moody scenes.

HD Presets

Created by: Henry Tieu
Price: $119-$135, or get the bundle for $240
Style: Muted highlights, earthy brown tones, warmth, calmness
Compatibility: Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw
What’s included: Varies by preset pack

HD Presets help photographers establish consistency in their editing workflow. These preset packs aim to reflect both the warmth and calmness of love with the use of muted highlights and natural earthy brown tones. The simplicity enhances the natural beauty of each photo. Not to mention a portion of the proceeds from each purchase are donated towards a charity of your choice.

Signature Noble Preset 

Price: $248
Style: Bright and airy film-inspired
Compatibility: Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw
What’s included: Noble Signature, 16 enhancers, video editing tutorial, detailed installation guide, and a PDF enhancers guide. 

The Signature Noble preset is perfect for hybrid or digital photographers looking to emulate film-inspired wedding and portrait photographs. With just a click of a button, this preset adds the bright and airy look of true film with cooler greens, subtle contrast, and fine-tuned grain.

Slate & Ivory 2.0 Presets 

Created by: Jennifer Moher
Price: $59
Style: Light and bright film-inspired
Compatibility: Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw, Adobe Lightroom
What’s included: Nine color presets, six black and white presets, and also includes an additional toolset to control grain, contrast and more. 

Slate & Ivory 2.0 presets add a sense of timelessness and nostalgia to photographs—with the muted highlights and earthy tones—allowing viewers to feel connected to your images. These presets provide photographers with the opportunity to fully customize each photograph by enhancing or minimizing elements, while still retaining natural color.

PS Presets

Created by: Phil Chester
Price: $40-$175
Style: Clean, timeless looks, analog toning, beautiful skin tones
Compatibility: Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw
What’s included: Varies by preset pack

PS Presets are fit for photographers looking to enhance their photos without overprocessing them. It provides a unique style, while still retaining natural skin tones. Gives a clean, simple, and contemporary look to photos in a variety of different lighting situations. The images that you wouldn’t typically send to clients because they didn’t turn out to have a new opportunity for life with PS Presets. 

DC Presets

Created by: Dawn Charles
Price: $99
Style: Natural skin tones, creamy highlights, rich blacks, lush greens
Compatibility: Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw
What’s included: Six color presets, two black and white presets, editing tutorial

Easy and timeless presets for the modern photographer. DC Presets prioritize the natural—natural skin tones and colors that add a dreamy and golden feel to photos. These presets are the perfect balance of creamy highlights, rich blacks, and lush greens. They are versatile and have been tested for all kinds of gear, lighting situations, scenery, and skin colors.

Dirty Boots Presets 

Created by: Dirty Boots and Messy Hair
Price: $59-$89
Style: Warm tones with a little edge
Compatibility: Adobe Lightroom, Adobe Camera Raw
What’s included: Seven color presets, one black and white preset, and five add-on presets

The Dirty Boots Presets were created so adventurous photographers can spend less time editing and more time chasing beautiful light and jaw-dropping views. Rich with moody tones that enhance highlights and shadows to bring our natural colors in images.

Get Started With Wedding Photography Presets

Presets are a great way to ease up your workflow—less time editing means more time capturing unique and unforgettable images. Presets, like camera gear, is a great way to set your images apart. Now that you’ve invested in a preset that will bring to life your desired style, check out these sixteen products photographers swear by

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