Celebrate Earth Day With Our Storm Warning Photo Challenge

To celebrate Earth Day, this month’s photo challenge focused on the beauty of Mother Nature and her crazy weather conditions. We asked our Facebook Photobug Community to share with us their favorite stormy weather photos and the results are spectacular. With dark grey cumulus clouds, a downpour of rain, and gusty winds, this community really delivered us a storm warning this month. We’re incredibly excited to share this month’s photo roundup. If you love Mother Nature as much as us, then keep scrolling to see the storm warning photos by our Photobug Facebook Group. Be sure to grab your umbrella!

windy colorful wedding storm

photo by Virginia & Evan

gorgeous bride and groom during a storm

image by Vlasta Weddings

stormy weather above bride and groom

photo by The Hendrys

clouds wedding portrait

Image by The Hendrys

Storm clouds photo challenge

photo by Gilang Uthe

black and white storm wedding

image by Gilang Uthe

wedding party with umbrellas

photo by The MacLeans

Get Featured In Next Month’s Challenge

A huge thank you to our Facebook Photobug Community for giving us a storm warning with these incredible images. If you want to get in on all the fun, be sure to join the Facebook Photobug Community and watch out for our challenge announcement. We’ll be announcing it on May 4th, 2021.

We know that the weather can be unpredictable, which is why every wedding photographer should be fully prepared. Check out our 24-hour pre-wedding prep checklist to make sure you’re ready for what the weather may bring. Then, once you’ve finished with your shoot, check out our post-shoot checklist so you don’t forget anything. 

If you need more photo inspiration on what to submit for our photo challenges, check out last month’s challenge and our Top Pics of the Month.

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