These Reflection Photos Will Have You Seeing Double

Have you ever wondered how photographers get those jaw-dropping reflection photos? Well, we are obsessing over them so it was only natural that we ask the Photobug Community to share their #reflectionperfection images. From natural reflection on puddles and lakes to mirroring a reflection off of a phone or prism, there is a wild amount of creativity that went into these wedding photos. Keep on scrolling to get your monthly dose of inspiration – we’re sure you’ll do a double take. 😉

 photo by Agnieszka Gofron

photo by Joelsview Photography

photo by Zakas Photography

photo by Carey Nash

photo by Perfectly Bliss

photo by Adrian Pluciński Fotografia

photo by Henry Tieu Photography

photo by Film & Forest Photography

photo by Amber Hughes Photography

photo by Petrichor and Pine

photo by Breezy Photography

photo by M. Hart Photography

photo by JamieY Photography

photo by Mathias Fast Photography

photo by Light Pictures

photo by Candice Marie Photography

 photo by Wild Connections Photography

photo by Sara Rogers

photo by Ampersand Grey

 photo by Barbara Duchalska Fotografia

photo by Baylee Dennis Photography

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  1. Jarek

    Amazing photos! It’s great to watch!

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