Unconventional Wedding Photography Accessories to Spice Up Your Images

Photo by Carey Nash

Stepping out of your comfort zone and trying new things are great for stretching your creativity, and a fun way to do so is by using various wedding photography accessories! There are many accessories to choose from that you can easily carry around in your camera bag, and we have made a list of 7 of our favorites. From smoke bombs to using the screen of your smartphone or iPad, there are all sorts of new essentials that you can check out and add to your camera bag!

photo by Samantha Floyd Photography

#1 Chandelier Glass

photo by Chelsea Warren Photography

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#2 Copper Pipe

photo by Kevin Fotografie

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#3 Prism

photo by Melissa Rey Photo

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#4 Mirror

photo by Tinted Photography

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#5 Phone or iPad

photo by Oak and Iron Photography

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#6 Smoke Bomb

photo by Baptiste Hauville

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#7 Aerosol Spray

photo by The Santos and Co.

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Feeling inspired? Great! Now you’re ready to try a few new things at your next wedding or portrait session!

And speaking of sessions, check out this engagement outfit inspiration to share with your couples – you can even coordinate with the color of the smoke bombs you’re going to use.

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