Top Pics of the Month for August 2021

We’re thrilled to present another Top Pics of the Month roundup to you, our creative photography community! Many of the images gathered this month feature photographers and their couples immersed in nature—whether underwater, in a cave, or high in the mountains. 

Also, we have a heartwarming love story to share this month of a couple who made the most of an unfortunate Covid-19 predicament. So please enjoy the stunning photos below and their stories as we celebrate the couples and photographers who made them possible.

Capturing Love Underwater

I think surrendering to the element of water is so magical. It creates a unique movement that you simply can’t create on land. There is beauty in being weightless, the silence of being submerged, the slow motion feeling, the resistance, the little control of everything combined with the short amount of time to achieve a shot in one breath! And the results are just so artistic, it’s truly incredible and it really feeds my soul.

The couple above were in Oahu for a few days. Marcella was a professional longboarder that traveled around the world to compete and decided to bring Huriel to introduce him to the island that she loves so much. They contacted me for a couple sessions and I pitched the idea of finishing the session in the water. Because they are both surfers, they totally loved the idea. We met on the North Shore of the island and created some magic. It was amazing. Their connection and love definitely showed underwater. 

While shooting like this I use my AquaTech water housing for my Canon.

top pics of the month for August 2021

photo by Ender Ozcati

happy couple playing guitar

photo by Groovy Banana

A Long Distance Love Story

Jimmy and Danielle [couple above] met in Vanuatu while Danielle was there on internship in January 2019. She had to go back to Australia when borders closed in March 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The two kept in touch and Danielle eventually managed to make it back to Vanuatu in December. They got married in January 2021, one year after they started their love story. The two are now are living together in Australia and their smiles are just contagious!

funny ceremony shot of groom using breath freshener

photo by LightPerSecond

Creating Motion Blur In Post-Production

This photo was taken on a Nikon z6ii with my 28 1.4 mm lens. In this photo, we were in a field of flowers and it was beautiful without any motion blur, but I try to give every couple one piece of fun art that I pour a little extra time and love into. I had some regrets about not asking my clients to run left to right with a slow shutter pan while I was shooting. So it inspired me to play with motion blur in Photoshop to see what I could come up with.

Scouting The Perfect Spot For Bridal Portraits

The bride above had to reschedule her wedding plans several times but eventually had her intimate wedding in Edinburgh at the Bonham Hotel. This particular bridal portrait was taken in an area called Dean Village. It’s a really quaint area that looks very different from other parts of the city. It has that real village feel with its quaint houses and the Water of Leith running right through it. When I saw the bride in her vintage style wedding dress, I thought the location next to the river would complement her perfectly.

video by No Matter the Weather

Thank you to every photographer who contributed to our Top Pics of the Month for August 2021 roundup. If you want to see your photo featured in an upcoming Top Pics post be sure to tag your images on Instagram with #photobugcommunity and join us on Facebook over in our Photobug Community Group. We can’t wait to see your work.

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