Top Pics of the Month for July 2022

Our top pics for July 2022 are ready to make their debut. This special collection represents a variety of photography styles, experience levels, and perspectives. From a hilltop in Scotland to a jungle in Bali, there are plenty of striking locations to ignite your wanderlust, too. Among the 24 photos are an action shot captured from a snowboard, a candid moment between a bride and her grandmother, and an intimate portrait of a couple inside a vintage taxi cab. You’ll also get the inside scoop straight from the photographer on a select few images. So keep scrolling because we have all the interesting details for you below.

Post-Production Magic

“I took this photo during a mountain-top elopement in Maine. This location is the first place to see the sunrise in the United States. In post-production, I separated the couple from the image and got creative with some brushes in Photoshop. I aimed for a minimalist vibe while also just creating whatever spoke to me in that moment.” – Breezy Photography

top pics for July 2022

photo by Doxa Pictures

An Impressive Action Shot

“This couple originally planned to get married in Bali. But when that didn’t work out they opted for the opposite. Their intimate ceremony with with their nearest and dearest at a campground enclosed by snow-capped mountains. Afterward, we all laced up our boots, grabbed our boards, and convoyed up Australia’s tallest mountain and spent the day snowboarding at Perisher Ski Resort. Riding a snowboard with a camera slung on my shoulder was quite an overwhelming experience. It was equal parts joyful and terrifying but absolutely worth it for the shots.” – Idlewild Creative

top pics for July 2022

photo by Janet Kaczmarek

black and white long shot couple in forest

photo by Kala Rasa

black and white film photo of couple on bed

photo by Lens Stories

couple in NYC vintage taxi cab

photo by Lucie B. Photo

Executing The Couple’s Vision

“This couple wanted their photos to have a real NYC feel, so I suggested renting a vintage taxi cab. Peter, the driver, took us through the West Village, playing old Frank Sinatra songs–it was like we were traveling back in time. At one point, we stopped the cab, and I got out to snap some photos while they remained inside. For this shot, I asked them to get really close to the window and captured a glimpse of their intimacy.” – Lucie B. Photo

couple with hands extended walking through hills

photo by Phototeller

Thank you for viewing our top pics of July 2022. And an even bigger thank you to the photographers who contributed. If you’re interested in sharing your work with our community, please check out our Photobug Community Facebook page. We look forward to seeing your latest and greatest!

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