Top Pics of the Month for March 2022

The task of gathering March’s top pics was an easy one since our social feeds were filled with eye-catching images. As you’re scrolling through the collection this month you might notice that the majority of our top pics are editorial-style couple portraits taken either before or after the wedding day. It’s a reminder that even if a wedding day schedule is too hectic for a proper portrait session, a post-wedding day shoot could be the perfect opportunity to get the photos you envision. 

Check out the beautiful images below that demonstrate just how special a unique couple portrait can be.

bride and flower girl kissing in front of window

image by Morden

Nature’s Photo Ops

This photo was shot on a Canon R6 24-105 around sunset in Sedona, Arizona. We often shoot in the same locations so we do our best to make each session a little different. One day we noticed a natural framing opportunity and found a way to get to it safely. During this shoot there was rain in the forecast but the sky changed right at the end of the day and we got these stunning colors!

top pics of the month for March 2022

photo by Samsul Hidayat

top pics of the month for March 2022

image by Alora Rachelle

top pics of the month March 2022

photo by Terry Photo Co.

The Beauty within Tradition 

I used a Nikon D850 and a 35mm 1.4 lens for this shot. Sharon and Ruvie are Nigerian and this photo was taken at their engagement ceremony, where families meet for traditions and negotiations around the engagement of the couple.

black and white photo couple dancing in door frame

image by Alica Project

The Perfect Posing Prompt

This photo was captured using a Canon 5D Mark IV with a Canon 35 mm 1.4 lens. When it came to prompting the couple, I told them to get really close for an almost kiss, but instead just let their lips sit on one another really softly. This couple 100% understood the assignment!

couple kissing in ocean in Goa, India

photo by Delhi Velvet

The Gear Used For This Water Shot

Photo taken on a Canon 5D Mark IV with a Sigma 35mm lens in Goa, India.

A Recessional Full of Emotion 

This is Felipe, Daniela, and their daughter Martina. Filipe and Daniela got married in February on the beautiful beach of Buritaca near Santa Marta, Colombia. Martina was the happiest person in the wedding, even bursting into tears as her mom walked down the aisle. She was sobbing by the time they were reading their vows—which, let’s face it, we all were because they were so touching!

As they were pronounced husband and wife, the three of them hugged and walked down the aisle together beaming with happiness and love. At the end of the aisle emotions were running high and another family hug was in order. That moment is the one featured in this picture! I love when feelings at weddings are so genuine that they transcend through the images.

top pics of the month for March 2022

photo by Goran Primorac

top pics of the month for March 2022

image by Terralogical

top pics of the month for March 2022

photo by George Novac

We want to thank all of the photographers who shared their photos and stories with us for the top pics of the month for March 2022. Want to be featured in April’s top pic roundup? Make sure to join our Facebook group and hashtag your Instagram images with #photobugcommunity. Our team can’t wait to see what April brings!

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