Top Pics of the Month for October 2021

October is one of the most popular months for weddings, so we know our community has been busy traveling, shooting weddings, and editing thousands of photos. But even with the swamped schedules, we’ve received 23 eye-catching images that represent beautiful moments in wedding photography from the month. Check out the round up below that features intimate portraits, moody fog, and an incredibly moving moment between a mom and daughter you don’t want to miss.

Top Pics of the Month for October 2021 reflection

photo by Ashok Kumar

The Truest Definition of Love

I got to know this couple so well and Shardai’s story was much like my own. Before meeting her husband, she was a single mother who had also lost her own mother. I saw so much of myself in Shardai because I too had been a single mother who lost her father and brother. We connected instantly. I knew how strong and courageous she was from the moment I met her. She exudes strength and beauty in everything she does. 

When you’re a single mother you gain this primal strength that makes you put your child before anything. And when you fall in love as a single mother you feel it twice as much because your child is your heart walking around outside of your body. Your person loving the person you created as much as you do is unlike any other feeling. It’s the truest definition of love.

Alex and Shardai’s first look was emotional to say the least. Alex was crying before he even turned around and the emotion continued from that moment on through the entire night. When they were at the altar reciting their vows, Alex wrote vows to Shardai’s daughter, Brielle. Brielle cried, Shardai cried, everyone cried. It was the purest moment of true love I’ve ever witnessed. I knew as a mother in love with an amazing man myself, the shot of them together at the altar is what she deserved.

jubilant couple portrait on wedding day


Top Pics of the Month October 2021

photo by Bare Odds

The Perfect Natural Grain

This photo was taken at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Northwestern Utah. The sun was setting and it was also snowing, so the photos are a bit more grainy than normal. I personally felt like it only added to the vibe!

A Lesson in Listening to Your Photographer

This wedding took place in August in the mountains of the French Riviera and as soon as the sun set, fog settled in all around the guests and the reception space. I took a few steps back to admire the whole setting and it was absolutely stunning!

I asked the couple many times to take a photo out in front of the party, but they were so busy and kept putting it off for later in the night. But I kept insisting while I was taking photos of the beautiful scenery. Eventually, I was finally able to gather them both after showing them how cool the shot would look. That’s when the magic happened.

My advice as a photographer is if you see the opportunity for an epic photo, don’t hesitate to insist! This couple was truly so happy, overwhelmed, and grateful that I got this photo.

Top Pics of the Month October 2021

photo by Photosbyhash

Recessional photo with confetti

photo by Rachel & Tonie

Thanks for checking out the Top Pics of the Month for October. And a big thank you to all this month’s contributors! If you’re a photographer currently experiencing a hectic schedule during this particularly busy season, don’t forget to check our best self-care tips. Protecting your creativity means prioritizing your physical and mental health, y’all!

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