Top Pics of the Month for October 2022

It’s been a whirlwind month for the Photobug team. We just officially launched our first presets and have the 2022 Best of the Best Wedding Contest opening in a few short days. And it seems our community has had an equally busy October of their own–shooting lots of weddings, engagement sessions, and styled shoots in the height of autumn. Below you’ll see our collection of stand-out photos taken throughout the month. 

The 21 images within our Top Pics of October 2022 show a full spectrum of wedding moments–from a teary-eyed first look to a little girl displaying her boredom at a reception. These may be moments you see time and time again as a wedding photographer. But getting that “just right” perspective can give the moment a spark of originality and uniqueness. So we hope these images bring you inspiration to always keep looking for a new perspective–no matter how many weddings or moments you may capture. Your couples will cherish your ability to make their moments seem one-in-a-million.

Top Pics October 2022

Top Pics of the Month for October 2022

photo by Nocture

Top Pics October 2022

photo by Studio Salien

Top Pics of the Month October 2022

photo by Shanay Green

same-sex couple kissing at their garden wedding

photo by Bridget Burnett

Top Pics of October 2022

photo by Tania Salim

video by Tu Nguyen Wedding

Thanks for checking out our Top Pics of October 2022. If you’re ready to get involved, head to our Photobug Community Facebook page and share your latest and greatest work. We can’t wait to meet you! 

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