2019 Workshops + Conferences Nominations

photo by Will Khoury Photography

It’s crazy to think this year is winding down and 2019 is quickly approaching. In preparation of the new year (and a new round of workshops and conferences), we are excited to open up nominations for the best photography workshops and conferences happening in 2019! Just like we did for 2018, we are asking you to tell us about your experience so we can share the best of the best when it comes down to investing in your wedding photography business. So go on, scroll down, and give us all the details on your favorite photography workshops and conferences!

Pssst. We only want to showcase the best and reporting events that didn’t meet your expectations helps us weed the ones that may not be the most beneficial or inclusive – we take educational opportunities and this community seriously, and we want attendees to feel safe and taken care of by their organizers. Workshops with at least two valid complaints will be removed from the 2019 list. Thanks!


We reserve the right to include or exclude events based on the information provided to us via this form.

Thanks so much for your contribution! If you’re ready to try your hand at some learning from the convenience of your couch, take a look at the e-courses we offer!

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