Our Favorite AI Photo Editing Software Now Offers More Time-Saving Features

In the realm of photography, the buzz around AI technology is hard to miss. For wedding photographers, AI tools have become invaluable for tasks ranging from designing styled shoot mood boards to crafting SEO-rich blog posts. But perhaps where AI has made the most significant impact is in photo editing.

Leading the charge in this arena is Imagen, a software that has revolutionized editing for photographers. Beloved by top artists, Imagen has transformed the task of photo editing into a streamlined and efficient process.  In their pursuit of perfectly edited photos, Imagen has saved wedding photographers countless hours in their post-production workflow giving them back their time to focus on what they love. Now, Imagen is raising the bar even further with new features aimed at enhancing efficiency. Let’s take a closer look at some of these time-saving highlights.

Photo Culling with Imagen

With Imagen’s Culling Studio, photographers can streamline their workflow within a single platform. This innovative tool simplifies the culling process by swiftly identifying and eliminating unwanted images, such as those with blurriness or poor composition, with just one click.

Imagen’s Culling Studio gives a cozy home to your photos post-culling, where you can review images, adjust rankings, and safely forward onto the editing phase. Moreover, the software’s cloud storage feature ensures that backed-up projects are easily accessible from anywhere, offering peace of mind and flexibility to photographers.

Image by Charmi Pena

AI Cloud Storage

Having secure cloud storage is a necessity for photographers in post-production. But Imagen’s cloud feature not only backs up your projects, it does so with cost-saving finesse. Their optimized photo storage reduces the size of raw photos without losing quality or damaging the files. Because of this size reduction, you can store 4 times the photos you would elsewhere. Imagen’s optimized photo backups save you time, money, and valuable storage space.

And it’s not up to your forgetful human brain to remember to manually back up your photos. Automatic and effortless, Imagen’s Cloud runs smoothly in the background while you work. So the stress of losing your precious edits is a thing of the past.

More About Imagen’s Groundbreaking AI Photo Editing

In case you need any further persuasion, Imagen wouldn’t shine without its stand-out editing abilities. Sure, everyone worries about artificial intelligence’s mistake-making potential. But Imagen provides the most consistent results, even handling hard light scenarios effortlessly. Two of Imagen’s standout editing features are the Subject Mask and the Smooth Skin feature. The Subject Mask automatically selects the subject in the photo and provides local adjustments to give it that desired extra pop. The Smooth Skin feature is a subtle enhancement tool that allows photographers to effortlessly enhance their subject’s natural beauty with just one click. Importantly, it also offers control over the strength of the mask, empowering users to fine-tune the effect to their liking.

Plus, this isn’t a one-size-fits-all editing system. What sets Imagen apart is its Personal AI Profiles, which are customized to each photographer’s unique editing style. Unlike generic presets, these profiles analyze and edit each photo individually, continuously evolving and adapting with each use. As users upload final edits, Imagen’s Profile Adjustments refine the software’s understanding of their editing preferences, resulting in progressively efficient editing sessions.

Before & After Images by 37 Frames Photography

Before & After Images by Susan Stripling

With ImagenAI handling repetitive editing tasks, photographers can reclaim their time and focus on what they love most—capturing unforgettable moments. Ready to rediscover the joy of post-production? Download Imagen now and receive 1,500 free AI edits to experience the difference firsthand.

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