From the Industry: How Are Photographers Using AI?

Artificial intelligence has captivated the world with its unlocked potential. And because it’s still relatively new, many are unaware of its capabilities and the remarkable advantages it can bring to their photography businesses. To gain deeper insights into exactly how photographers using AI technology is impacting the wedding industry specifically, we picked the brains of trusted photographers Helena and Laurent—an award-winning husband & wife wedding photography team based out of San Francisco. 

They emphasized the idea that “while AI technology adds lots of new tools to our belt, it’s not a replacement for what we do. The value of wedding photography remains its ability to document moments authentically, and the experiences and emotions we capture are something that only a human can do (for now). AI has the potential to make our jobs a lot easier, but a photographer’s personal touch and artistic vision remain irreplaceable.”  That said, let’s dive into how AI is making photographers’ lives easier. 

How are Wedding Photographers Using AI?

1. Which AI platforms/tools (chatGPT, ImagenAI, Adobe Photoshop AI features, etc.) do you think are useful for photographers?

Essentially I think all the AI tools will be useful to photographers. Some photographers will turn to editing tools like Imogen AI. ChatGPT will help people write content. Narrative Select can help with photo culling. And some photographers will ditch their cameras and make images using only a keyboard and Midjourney AI. Plus, AI-driven tools are already being introduced to Adobe software and Gmail. So at this point, even if you try to avoid it, new AI tools are coming out regularly and being added to the old software we already use.

2. How are photographers utilizing this new technology to benefit their business?

The most enticing and valuable feature of all this new AI-driven tech is time. These AI tools allow photographers to save hours touching up photos, writing emails, editing photos, etc. And the newest generative fill essentially promises the end of buying stock images and spending hours layering things together in Photoshop. You can see that as more money earned, but I think many of us look forward to more time with our families and friends and less time doing the tedious tasks of running a photography business.

3. How are you specifically incorporating AI tools into your business workflow? 

Narrative Select helps us cull our photos; AI measures focus and facial expressions and sorts the images into potential picks. We have been using Chat GPT to help us write content for our blog and website: and we have a post on our website about how exactly we use it. We use some of Lightroom’s AI tools, like Denoise and Masking. And we’re already bringing images into Photoshop beta to take advantage of its newer AI-driven tools, making removing a random person or exit sign incredibly easy.

4. What’s your favorite AI hack as a wedding photographer or business owner?

Copy some content from your website and ask Chat GPT to rewrite it to have better SEO for a specific keyword or ask it to make it more informative, casual, edgy, etc. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you can generate new ideas and get a fresh take on your content.

5. What AI tools/platforms will you be avoiding/hesitant to use?

We’re down to try anything. And fully aware that not every AI tool will work for our business or artistic process, but the ones that do help will likely be game changers.

6. What are the pros and cons of incorporating this new technology into your workflow? 

The pros are saving time and money, but the con is potentially becoming so reliant on AI automation that you lose the personal touch in your communication and photography that sets you apart. We could totally imagine an editing style popularized by AI that essentially decreases the uniqueness of each photographer’s style. Or AI-written content that feels generic and soulless. Ultimately, how someone takes a photo or even writes an email sets them and their work apart. The rewards of AI are very enticing, but it can’t be at the loss of artistic integrity and individual expression.

7. Photoshop`s Generative Fill AI tool changed the game. How do you think it will affect the authenticity of photos being submitted to contests? And where do you think the line should be drawn as far as which AI edits are acceptable contest entries and which have gone too far? 

We figured it would be best to ask AI about this one, so this is what ChatGPT had to say: Photoshop’s Generative Fill AI tool is undoubtedly a game-changer, but it raises questions about the authenticity of photos submitted to contests. The line should be drawn where AI edits significantly alter the content or context of the original photograph, misleading viewers or distorting the representation of reality. While AI can assist in post-processing and minor enhancements, contest entries should adhere to ethical standards and not cross the boundary of deceptive manipulation.

8. Overall, do you think photographers using AI will have a positive or negative impact on the wedding photography industry?

Photography has always been driven by technology–there’s no reason to fear it. Overall this is a net positive as these tools will make tedious work more efficient and allow us to deliver higher-quality images quicker. In the end, that translates to we can serve our clients better. There are risks and some new issues regarding authenticity, but the benefits outweigh the risks. 

AI is just one of the many tools you can incorporate into your workflow that’ll take your business to the next level. And if you’re looking for ways to boost your productivity and maximize efficiency behind the scenes, check out our Photobug-approved business workflow tips that’ll help you unlock your full potential. 

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