Dear Nikon, Here’s the List You Really Need.

photo by Sara Rogers Photography

It came to our attention yesterday (thanks, Jason Vinson!) that Nikon put out an interesting list. Not just any old list, but a list of their top ambassadors in Asia (although, not all are from Asia). To the surprise of many, not a single woman made it to that list. But why should we be shocked? It’s 2017 and sexism is still a thing, especially in the photography industry. Look at all of the popular conferences and workshops and tell me that the guy to girl ratio isn’t lopsided or in some cases neglected entirely.

While Nikon might have opened the door to more conversation about sexism in the industry, they actually aren’t the only company at fault. Check out how many women show up in similar programs for Sony, Canon, and Olympus. It’s an industry-wide problem. What can we do about it? We can cry and complain and hope that it goes away OR we can do a better job of highlighting the truly amazing women in our industry.

So, Nikon, if you’re listening (which I hope you are), here’s a very long list of women from all around the world who use your equipment and deserve the same opportunities as the men who use Nikon. I hope the team over at Nikon will use this list for future ambassadorship opportunities.

Photo by Vanessa Reynolds of Vanessa Alves Photography

Vanessa Reynolds

Kathryn Robinson

Wendy Bobarikin

Nisha Ravji

Kestrel Bailey

Yaseli R. Olivera

Maddie Mae

Amy-Leigh Atkins

Linsey Middleton

Lauren McCormick

photo by Lauren McCormick Photography

Amber M. Wright

Jess Rankin

Shawna Rae

Amber V Briglio


Twyla Jones

Jessica Chaplinsky

Carol Anne Billings

Marie-Cecile Monforte

Sara Rogers

photo by Sara Rogers Photography

Jess McDonald

Wesley Moreno

Lisa McWhirter

Tina Dudley Loveridge

Jennifer Wortham

Kristen Kaiser

Photo by Kristen Kaiser

Nicole Wagner

Nikki Pinder

Ashley Kochanowski

Laura Olson

Erika Trivett

Brittani LeBlanc

Catie Bartlett

Kirsten Waguespack

Jennifer Moher

DSC_5193-Edit-Edit Photo by Jennifer Moher

Katie Forbis

Lucy Tram

Shelly Anderson

Taylor English

Pouline Gernes

Casey Pratt

Erin Peck

Peyton Erdmann

Jamie Baird

Ashley White

Paloma Murillo VanderSteen

Maggie Mattinson

brunch-lovers-this-picnic-elopement-in-the-sawtooth-mountains-is-for-you-9 Photo by Maggie Mattinson of Maggie Grace Photography

Annerina De Beer

Allison Markova

Amber Sovorsky

Tanya Canam

Johanna Macdonald

Ashley Kasallis

Leah Huete

Natalie Paivo

Christin Eide

Nicola Harger

Megan Fuss

Lindsay Hackney


Megan Ewing

Lindsey Paradiso

photo by Lindsey Paradiso Photography

Carina Skrobecki Swain

Alyssa Dawn Clark

Andrea Brandt Chapoton

Baylee Wall

Laine Kristy Gustafson

Dorota Micali

Candace McAmmond Fast

Lee Geum-ja

Keely Brown-Ross

Candice C. Cusic

Henny Hwang

Megan Easterday

Hayley Jane Hadden

Jessi Field

Célestine Aerden

photo by Célestine Aerden Photography

Bethany Howarth

Barbara Amon

Michel Feist

Kristine Redekopp

Blair I

Jete Devisser

Jayme Lang

Shyann Rash

Erin Fraser

photo by Erin Fraser Photography

Rachel Paz

Elaine Williams

Kine Bakke

Erika Floor

Susan Stewart Jordan

Josie Hulbert

Barbara Rahal Hollington-Sawyer

Jonnie Allen Burk

Veronica Rogers

Jade Alicia Angus

Lucy Fell

Karin Lundin

Viv Chen

Johanna Rosenlew

Ruth Leavett

Justine Castle

Kaoverii Silva

Ellie McMakin

top-pics-week-12-23-2016-2 photo by Ellie Asher Photography

Helena Martin

Alicia Juniku

Chelsea Abril

Louise Scott

Ciara McCullough

Cherlyn Wagner

Kristine Ristesund

Claire Cortese

Kathy Silke

Syd Takeshta

Corinne Thompson

Heather Koepp

Meredith Lord

Julia Faith Saunders

Alisté Saulyté

Taylor Whitehurst

Jessica Roberts

Anastasia Giaouris

Brianna Waltman

Ciara Stang

Brianna Safar

Gaile Deoso

Heather Guzel

Renske Meinema

Catherine Eichel

Haley Nord

Cláudia Martins

Caroline Cuinet Wellings

Leah Lloyd Laurie

Jenni Hecht

Tanja Aelbrecht

We’re going to keep this list updated in the comments, so comment below if you use Nikon. Pssst. – we will remove your comment if you are not a woman, so don’t be that guy!


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  1. Hi there,

    I am a Nikon user, I use 3 x Nikon d750’s and 1 x nikon f100 xxx

  2. All the Nikon here too! Thanks for promoting the ladies!

  3. Nikon user: D750, D800, D700 and lenses. 🙂

  4. Shooting Nikon since 2009.
    Currently have the D800 and a D300 as a back up. I have also owned the D2hs and started with the D3000.

  5. Love love love this list! I was in complete shock to see Nikon not include women and now to not even hear them acknowledge their mistake 🙁 I shoot Film on my Pentax along side Nikons D750.

  6. I use Nikon! I love using their products and love that we created this list to open up an honest conversation about sexism/women in the industry. Thanks, Junebug! xx

  7. Born and raised a Nikon user.

  8. I’m a Nikon user, and so frustrated by Nikon’s list!! Thank you for making this list and supporting women in the industry!

  9. Born and raised a Nikon user from developing and printing from negatives to shoot digital.

  10. Nikon user for 15 years!!

  11. I shoot Nikon! D810 and a d700 ??

  12. Nikon user here!! Thanks for sharing the amazing nikon women in the community!

  13. Nikon user over here too, although I definitely don’t deserve to be up amongst these amazing photographers… yet! I’m going to work hard to get there one day ?

  14. Rockin’ a nikon lady-boss style since 2009 😀

  15. I shoot Nikon 🙂 Two D750s

  16. I love this idea, supporting so many beautiful and talented women photographers!

    (No hate to Canon users, but I am a Nikon user myself, it was the first camera I picked up at the age of 10.)

  17. Nikon user for 8 years! Cheers! xo

  18. Yes, I’m a woman and I’ve been a Nikon shooter since 1998!! thanks for publishing this list!

  19. Carrie, thank you. I’m proud of my Nikon ladies here, who work hard and get it done, who drag themselves in on Saturday nights and can barely move on Sunday from pounding pavement or ballroom floor, who market, and sell, and push themselves hard, and never give up.

    Thank you Carrie, and thank you my ladies for being an inspiration.


  20. My first camera was a Nikon D90 when I was in high school. My aunt always used Nikon film cameras and recommended me to Nikon early on. This year I bought my Nikon D750 which I just love.

  21. Love this! I shoot dual 750s, I have another Nikon body as my backup, Nikon lenses. I even put the SD cards in and carry them around all by myself! ? As much as I love my gear, it’s hard to look past this.

  22. Nikon shooter for life over here!

    Thank you so much for this list. Junebug, you are amazing.

  23. I am a Nikon girl all the way!!! Proud to be one of the Nikon ladies!

  24. Nikon since day one! RachelLizPhotography

  25. Incredible list! Nikon d810 user here!!

  26. I’ve been a loyal Nikon user since I picked up my first camera at age 18. I’m now a full-time professional photographer. Come on Nikon, you can do better!

  27. I shoot nikon! Love the artistic colors nikon equipment produces.

  28. Way to go ladies! Killer list, and well said post! <3

  29. Nikon user since 2005 ?

  30. Love this list! Ps. I’m a Nikon user too 😉 <3 2 x Nikon d750.

  31. Hi!!! I am also a Nikon user! I use 2 Nikon d750’s! As well as a Nikon 85mm 1.8.

  32. I shoot Nikon, and have since 2009!

  33. Yesssss!!! Nikon user here too!

  34. I use Nikon. Love this list! ??

  35. I saw the Nikon post 32 men… was amazed at marginalising their market.
    A friend highlighted me to a great female Nikon photographer who spoke directly to Nikon today regarding this ??
    I’m a Nikon user and was amazed by the short sightedness of the marketing department

  36. Nikon user and female! Nice list! Keep them coming!!!

  37. I’ve been shooting Nikon for 10 years now and would feel honored to be added to your amazing list 🙂

  38. I’m a female photog (but my husband is my second shooter). Does that count? ?

  39. Hey! Junebug member, Nikon user! I had a winning photo in your 2017 Best or the Best engagement using Nikon equipment! Thanks for making this post. Keep kicking ass, ladies!

  40. THANK YOU for this! I use Nikon gear alongside my film gear, and until the recent happenings, I was very proud to do so. This certainly helps! xo

  41. Nikon user for 10+ years! Thanks for writing this!

  42. I LOVE THAT!
    Can I just say: “comment if you’re a woman photographer that uses Nikon… Canon or Sony.” Because as you said, it’s not only Nikon, it’s the whole indutry that needs a badass list.

    • carrie

      Thanks for the feedback, Beatrice. While other companies are at fault, this post is really directed at Nikon, so I’d like to keep it that way so there is no confusion. At the end of the day, my hope is to give Nikon a list of hundreds (hopefully thousands) of Nikon shooters who are women so that Nikon can refer back to this list when brainstorming future photographer partnerships.

  43. 😉 Thanks JuneBug!! For bringing light to this situation!
    Ladies, let’s keep killing it and break that damn glass ceiling!

  44. So happy you’ve made this post! U.K. Based wedding tog here, Nikon is all that I’ve ever used!

  45. I don’t use Nikon, but Madison Short ( does and is THE BOMB!

    Love you guys for this SnapBack!

  46. Hey hey! Lifetime Nikon user as well, their list of ambassadors was a huge bummer. So much lady talent to be seen!

  47. I’m a Nikon shooter too 🙂

  48. Tyshawnna Reann

    Wicked list of amazingly talented (female) photographers that shoot with Nikon! Well worded post as well.

  49. I use Nikon too. Great job putting this list together.

  50. I’m a female photographer who shoots Nikon!

  51. Great list!! D750’s all the way here too! 🙂

  52. I’ve shot Nikon since 1997!

  53. Hell yes! There are so many amazing women photographers out there shooting Nikon.

    I shoot Nikon and always have.

    So does Kim Smith Miller & Shannon at Rosan Weddings <3

  54. This is an excellent list.

  55. Brilliant blog post. I’m a lady with a gender neutral name and I use Nikon. I was very disappointed with Nikon and their oversight. I even wrote a blog post about gender diversity in professional photography and estimated that the UK market is 25-45% female. With 80% of all photography degree graduates being female this is only set to increase. So just where are all the women?!?!?

  56. I am Canon but heck YES to this list and these ladies and heck YES to you speaking up <3

  57. Love this so much! ♥️ Love seeing the work of so many inspiring & creative women that don’t get the credit they deserve.

  58. Jasmin Pickens from Sugar and Lace Studio needs to be on this list… she shoots Nikon and is freaking amazing.

  59. Yeees! Fellow Nikon Woman here d800 & d810 ?

  60. I’ve been shooting nikon for years! Love my d610. How to we submit to qualify for the list?

  61. Hi! Thanks for this list. I have been a Nikon user for years.

  62. I’ve been a Nikon Pro for over 10 years. I’m really happy to see this list here! Well done, Junebug!

  63. Great thoughts!
    I’m a Nikon user too. D800 & D750x2

  64. Heck yes! #teamnikon

    Love this post!!

  65. Nikon boudoir photographer!!!

  66. Shoot with a Nikon D750. Have been using Nikon for the past 7 years.

  67. Nikon girl in here! User of a D750, D700 and a F100!

  68. 20 years of Nikon use.

  69. Shooting Nikon exclusively for the past 3+ Years

  70. Thank you for this amazing list of woman photographers!

  71. I’m a Nikon user and have been for the last 7 years!!

  72. My primary is the D810.

    My eight year daughter shoots on a D90.

  73. I use a D7100 and a D750. Glad to be a part of this notification to Nikon 🙂

  74. Awesome blog post! So badly needed!

    I shoot Nikon… D750 and a D610 back up, and my primary lenses are the 50mm 1.4 and 24mm 1.4.

  75. Hi! Nikon D750 user here!

  76. Exclusively Nikon.
    Really saddened to read this today.

  77. Pssst. – we will remove your comment if you are not a woman. Isn’t that always the truth ladies?

  78. D610 user here! Super disappointed how unrepresented we are.

  79. Nikon user for 10 years here!
    Part of a husband and wife team and sick of the sexism in this industry. Thanks for speaking out in this way.

  80. LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! I’m also a NIkon user – even have the D850 on the way! Thanks so much for this list of incredibly talented women!

  81. Great read and hope to see this concept grow!

  82. I’m a long time Nikon user as well. D700, D800, D750
    Thank you for posting this list!

  83. Nikon user here, as well! What a beautiful group of girl bosses! x

  84. Proud Nikon shooter who cherishes my 50mm 1.2 always

  85. I’m Nikon! Shame on them

  86. Tried and true Nikon user for 9 wedding seasons! Love this list!

  87. Hello!
    I am Boudoir Photographer from Ft St John, BC, Canada. I love my D750! I have several lenses but my go to is 50mm 1.4

  88. add me to this nikon shooter list.

  89. So impressed by you, Junebug Weddings. I love that you’re standing up for every woman photographer and giving Nikon a great reminder. I shoot Nikon and have for years. I’ve owned many of their cameras and currently shoot with 2 D750s and so much of their equipment. Male photographers are great, but they are definitely not the only ones out there 🙂

  90. Loving this list of incredibly talented Nikon photographers!

  91. Killer list and so many talented ladies on here! Thank you for posting this and speaking up for all the strong women in the industry. I’m a fellow Nikon user and would love to be included 😀

  92. I love my d750s and have been really looking forward to the d850

  93. Hiii,
    Nikon user here too 🙂

  94. Nice work and nice list Junebug! First time I’ve felt a little sad to be associated with the brand as I’m a Nikon user. Lets hope for better in the future!

  95. I shoot with a Nikon!


  96. Loving this post! I’m a Nikon user, since the good ole’ film days!

  97. nikon shooter 🙂

  98. Nikon user since 2008!

  99. proud to be a woman photographer and so blessed to have such amazing females in the industry

  100. I’m a Nikon user. I love my Nikon D810 and D90 ❤

  101. I’m a Nikon user. I love my Nikon D810 and D90 ❤ And looking into the new D850 or maybe the D750 for my second body!

  102. Married a Nikon lover. Now I’ve come to the dark side with him. Loving it.

  103. Would have loved to be featured…. Been a Nikon girl for decades.

  104. I’ve been a Nikon shooter for my entire professional career and I, too, am proof that Nikon is NOT just for men.

  105. I have been shooting Nikon for 15 years now I started with a N80 and F5 and now shoot Nikon D750’s

  106. I love my Nikon equipment and people make dumb PR moves all the time. But thankfully, we have social media to help bring issues like this to light! <3

  107. I’ve been a Nikon user for nearly 15 years. Went pro 10 years ago and use D700, D750 and D800 along with 24-70, and SB700’s. I primarily shoot events, with weddings secondary.

  108. I’ve been a Nikon user for 24 years….. and I’m only 37! My team (all women) have photographed over 1000 weddings since 2003, all with Nikon gear.

  109. I am woman. I am photographer. I am 15 years Nikon. Can you hear me roar Nikon?

  110. NPS member here! Love my Nikon gear!

  111. Karen Ceraldi

    I’ve been a Nikon user since way before digital. Member of Team Canada for the World Photographic Cup. Currently Nikon D800.

  112. I’m a Nikon user too. And I love that you responded this way. Just show the female power. I use Nikon D800.

  113. Nikon D750 user here. Proud to be among these talented women.

  114. Nikon D750 user here. Proud to be among these talented women.

  115. Been shooting Nikon for almost 30 years haven’t they been getting my checks?

  116. Female Nikon shooter here!!

  117. Great list – would love to see how global it is and where people are based too!
    I’m a Nikon girl in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 🙂

  118. Haley Nelson – Female Nikon owner and user (shoots with a D5000)

  119. I am a Nikon user and was so looking forward to the d850. I have three Nikon bodies, 2 Nikon flashes, 5 Nikon lenses. Love this article, and so blown away by the photographers across the industry standing up to be heard! Thanks for making my voice one of them.

  120. I am a Nikon user and was so looking forward to the d850. I have three Nikon bodies, 2 Nikon flashes, 5 Nikon lenses. Love this article, and so blown away by the photographers across the industry standing up to be heard! Thanks for making my voice one of them.

  121. Nice work ladies!!!! Nikon user too. Keep up the always awesome work.

  122. I’ve been shooting Nikon from the start, but this type of thing is really making me consider my options.

  123. Nikon girl right here!

  124. I have shot Nikon for 15 years. Thank you for this list and for speaking up for rock star women photogs everywhere. I appreciate YOU.

  125. Nikon lifer here! I specialize in newborn and maternity photography and wouldn’t be where I am today without nikon.

  126. Breathe In Photography

  127. Nikon girl here!

    Lani Lloyd

  128. Love what you ladies are putting down! I’ve been a Nikon user for 7 years and this industry absolutely needs to recalibrate its focus.

  129. i shoot Nikon D750 & D800. ???☀️

  130. Nikon D750 user here! Thanks for this post!

  131. Together we rise! Nikon user unite!

  132. Aly

    Nikon here! #womencan

  133. I document birth and family stories with a pair of Nikon D750s.

  134. Awesome article! There’s so many empowering and miraculous female photographers and we deserve to be represented!

  135. I’ve always used Nikon! Where’s their #girlpower at!!?

  136. This is incredible!! Thank you!

  137. Cricket Whitman

  138. Have been using Nikon for over 13 years!

  139. I am a Nikon user too. Add me to you list. Thank you.

  140. I shoot Nikon D750, with several Nikon lenses.

    S Photography

  141. 2 Nikons D750 here! Started using Nikon since the beginning!

  142. Nikon Woman here!

  143. Hi
    I am a Nikon user, i use Nikon D800 and Nikon D700

  144. Hey, Nikon user here too!

    Brilliant idea, and thanks for your support. It’s so important for our female photographers to be visible right across the industry.

  145. I’ve never used any other cameras but Nikon. I’ve owned D610, D700 and currently own two D750 and shoot with all Nikon lens (24mm,50mm, 85mm, 105mm, 24-70mm, 70-200mm) as well as multiple SB910 flashes. I’ve always felt proud to be a Nikon owner…until now. Make this right so that I want to pick up and use your gear again.

  146. I’m a Nikon user and the wedding I shot last year was in the running for the best wedding for 2016 with Junebug Wedding – I use a Nikon D700 and a Nikon D800 as my main bodies for Wedding Photography. I’d definitely like to see the women in this industry celebrated as much as our male counterparts. xx

  147. I’m an Aussie wedding & portrait photographer who has shot Nikon for the past 15 years!! Currently shooting on two D750s.

  148. Hi I would love to be included in this list. Jenna Leigh Photography. I use all Nikon products.

  149. I do, although I mostly use their older film gear F100, F80 and FM. As I’m primarily a film photographer these days. But I do have a pair of D750s 🙂

  150. This is an epic list thank you so much! and thank you for including me! 😀 Just to say, my photography name is Ruth Leavett, not Ruth Damm.. would you be able to amend it? My fault confusing people on the interwebs.. THANK YOU! xx

  151. Sydney

    I know a photographer Brooklyn D Photography, she is amazing and very humble about her work and business. She is so kind, genuine, passionate and talented, she goes into everyday with the goal of giving people photos to cherish and she does exactly that. She is a Nikon user and she inspires me daily! She is not the type to comment and say so herself so as a friend and long time client I’d like for you to know she is right up there with the female Nikon users showing how incredible women are.

  152. Marian Diop

    Did you only choose Nikon wedding photographers? Where’s the love for the other genres?

    • carrie

      Hey Marian, This post was directed at Nikon, which is why we only highlighted women who use Nikon. Thanks!

  153. Hi! I shoot Nikon D750 🙂
    Amazing list with great women-photographers!

  154. Dan

    Well.. in my opinion, a VSCO filter applied on a picture doesn`t make you a GREAT photographer. 🙂 I`m not saying they are not good, I`m not saying the pictures are not great, but I didn`t saw a single female photographer go into the wild, by her own, and test a camera in different conditions (Rain, Snow, Cold, Hot, Windy…etc.).

    And because most of the examples given are photographers that use NATURAL light, they are not making any good to Nikon flashes, and other accessories. So… it`s a pure marketing thing, not a sexist thing… in my opinion.

    • carrie

      Nikon, is that you???

      • Dan

        No miss… not Nikon. Actually, I don`t use Nikon anymore. This is just a personal thought and how marketing works. 🙂 They have a lot of accessories, a natural light photographer is not selling them. 😉 As I said, I am not saying those pictures are not good, but they are not pixel peepers… they are not retouching like crazy, they are using natural light. What can they say about a DR when they are not doing HDR-like images? They can say that nikon can go at high iso, and? Tell me another thing that they could tell, in wedding industry… ah, focus… the d7100 can focus for a wedding pretty well…. never mind. 🙂 It`s just a personal thought… as I say. I would do the same for my business if I were in this position.

  155. Yes! I use D610 & D750! Way to go Junebug.

  156. I have a Nikon D610 and D810. I use both in my Landscape photography and for portraits. I was looking to add the 850. I also pretty much buy everything Nikon especially my lenses. Next month I was pretty much condsidering a very large lense purchase to complete my arsenal of tools. My mentor told me for everything to work perfectly as I like, “Everything should be Nikon”.

    Very very disappointed with this industry with the lack of representation for females but also for African Americans as well. If we expect the world to change, then its corporations need to change as well.

  157. WELL SAID. Nikon film and digital user here too. Superb list of very talented women photographers! I’m so disappointed with Nikon right now. 🙁

  158. Charmi Pena, Susan Stripling, Anna Nguyen, Erum Rizvi, Kristi Odom, Erika Mann, Nessa K

    There are really a TON

  159. What a great list of talented ladies. I am also a long time shooter of Nikon, and currently use Nikon D 750’s.

  160. Hi!

    Thank you for posting this! I use a Nikon d750 and have only used Nikon for 7 years. This is crazy to hear not one woman was on their list. Thank you for posting all these amazing woman’s work. Keep taking ground, keep making art.


  161. I am a Nikon photographer, thank you for spreading this awareness.

  162. As a Nikon user…this is dessapointing to here 🙁

  163. Nikon user since 2007!

  164. I’m also working on a list to send- there are so many more. Nikon pro here – 20 years. NPS member. Keep up the good work!

  165. Nikon birth photographer here! ??

  166. Nikon all the way – for the past 26 years infact! 🙂

  167. Nikon user here (and a female who sings Nikon’s praises from the rooftops, unlike how they apparently feel about me)! I’d be proud to be on this list! ??

  168. D3, been using Nikon for over 12 years!

  169. 11 years with Nikon 🙂

  170. Thank you for the love guys and calling attention to a prevalent issue in the photography community!

  171. Another Nikon user here!

  172. I love this response! Nikon user for 10 years and the only one in my whole art department who was loyal to the brand besides my husband (Nikon love story?! Star crossed Nikon users?!) we have discussed jumping ship lately but there is so much we still love about them. Nikon d750s are too good!


  173. Nikon shooter since 2009. I currently shoot birth and family stories on a pair of D750s.

  174. Also a Nikon user! Even my glasses have Nikon glass in them! ? Currently shooting with a D3s and a D750 (and a wide assortment of Nikon prime lenses!)

  175. I shoot Nikon, and proud to have been mentored and trained by the amazing Nikon ambassador Kate Hopewell-Smith.

  176. Female Nikon pro user here.

  177. Wooohooo Nikon forevah!!!! ❤️

  178. Amazing list! I’m a Nikon user too xx

  179. Nikon users as well! D810 & D750 and Nikon prime lenses.

  180. Love this so much!!! Pro Nikon girl here!!!

  181. Nikon girl for life over here!

  182. Nikon shooter here! Love my D750 and D810. Thank you for this list! The women behind the lenses are just as badasses as men! 😉

  183. I am

    Although that particular D850 marketing list from Nikon did not include any women, Nikon has many women included on their ambassador program around the world.

  184. Nikon since 1999 (F90X film cam), currently shooting with two D750s.

  185. Nikon forever! WOOT WOOT!

  186. Wendy Gee

    Great response. Wondering how many of your list are WOC?

  187. As a Nikon D750 user and birth photographer, I phptograph so many amazing, strong women! Wish we would see more female photographers represented by Nikon! There are incredible women on both sides of the camera!

  188. Nikon! I’ve had the D610, currently have the D750, D810, and have the D850 on the way!

  189. I use Nikon D800’s!!

  190. I use an 810, 2x 800s, a 750 and a 7100!
    Love Nikon but hate that they did this!!?
    Sad times.
    We done guys!!!
    Love Tasha xx

  191. Nikon over here! So many talented beautiful ladies on this list. #GIRLBOSS

  192. Nikon from day one – would love the opportunity as all the lovely ladies above would

  193. 810 and 750. They fit like gloves, wouldn’t use anything else!

  194. Alma

    Nikon user since very first bridge camera to dslr. . Perhaps time to switch..

  195. Hi! I also use all Nikon, 2x D750s as well as multiple lenses from Nikon and Sigma. I’m so inspired to see so many women I look up to on this list! Thank you for this, and all you do, Junebug!

  196. Nikon user over here shooting with d810 and d750. Thanks a ton for compiling this list and not being complacent. You ladies rock!

  197. Tiffany Brook Meyer, Rascal Photo and Design. Nikon user for 20+ years

  198. I’ve been shooting with a Nikon camera for 32 years. 8 years as a professional newborn photographer. I shoot with the D810 and various lenses.

  199. <3 We are here to stay Nikon.

  200. Jen Vittanuova

    Female Nikon user here too! D800/Nikon primes. But did recently have a play with the D850 and oh my ?

  201. My first proper digital camera was a nikon crop frame entry level I leant on this camera my love of photography. I purchased a full frame nikon d610 this yea and loved it within a few months i upgraded again to a nikon d750 which i find is far superior in low light to the d610. I now use both cameras with different lenses on

  202. I am a faithful Nikon user from the very beginning of my career

  203. One of the top Irish fashion photographers Anita Sadowska,

    I use canon myself 😀

  204. Disappointing indeed. Nikon User since 2015, based in India. NPS member.

  205. Yo, another Nikon lady over here! I’m from sunny old England and I’ve been using your equipment since 2013 – we are real, we are here and we would make some darn good ambassadors!

  206. I’m over in England, I shoot under Oxyte – and I’ve been a Nikon shooter for as long as I’ve been shooting DSLr. It’s how I learnt.
    I started with a D200 and now I’m on the D600. It’s my baby. One day I hope to be on the D850!
    I undertake many genres, with my favourite being models and expressions. Representation is important. Let’s look forward to change.

  207. Andrea Roat

    I have always loved the Junebug wedding website. It highlights gorgeous photos that are enjoyable to view. I truly appreciate it even more, for doing something positive, by bringing to light wonderful women photographers who were completely overlooked by Nikon. This was an enlightening article. I am an amateur woman photographer, using a D5000 capturing some wonderful equestrian events and senior portraits of family and friends.

  208. I am one of the rare people in my area who shoots Nikon and it’s a constant dialogue here that Canon is better. One of my friends even switched! But I’ve stayed true to Nikon because I really love my D750. I have so many times advocated for Nikon so this is rather disappointing.

  209. I have shot Nikon for 13 years. I shoot both D750’s after having the D4s. I’ve talked with Nikon reps and worked with them. I’ve been to similar type events for other manufacturers like Nikon hosted for the Middle East (where this photo came from) and I was still one of the only women. There are ambassadors and then there are the testers. Out of Nikon’s ambassadors, 7 are women and the other 17 are men. The way that these tests work are different. When a new product comes out, the people who are picked to come out aren’t represented by Nikon. They are usually given a free trip to use and review the camera. They are people from blogs etc who write about their products so they can give them a review to be seen by an audience. Unfortunately this isn’t as much of a Nikon problem as it is a photography world problem. This group of photographers is from Nikon MEA. Which is Middle East and Africa. The representation of women photographers in that area is few and far between. Yes, Nikon needed to do a better job at trying to find them, but sadly, they are not prominent due to an overly male populated industry that doesn’t help women in general.

  210. I’m a female Nikon photographer!

  211. eva

    I’m not with Nikon, but my friend Mairéad McDaid is –
    And Laura Babb
    And Christine Meintjes (AN AMBASSADOR!)
    Sussie Mellsted
    and that’s just off the top of my head.

  212. Ten years of Nikon this year!

    D50 to D300 to D700 to D3s and D750.

  213. I’ve been a Nikon user since about 2005, when I switched from film to digital. Now I use 2x D750s and lots of Nikon primes, which followed on from my D800s and my D700s and have seen me through 6 years of full time wedding photography.

  214. Nikon shooter since 2008. I’ve always been one to preach Nikon and how amazing of a brand it is.

  215. Been shooting with Nikon since I started photography at 15! I use two d750s and all sorts of Nikkor lenses for all of my personal work and weddings. Thank you for doing this, Junebug!

  216. I use Nikon! For the past ten years 🙂

  217. Laura Arrowsmith

    I’m a Nikon fan. I use Nikon D610 and D810 cameras and love them

  218. I’m a Nikon user both digital and film

  219. I am a Nikon user! I own a D5 & two D750s 😉

  220. Definitely a Nikon user, for almost 20 years.

  221. Hi, using Nikon for 7 years as well. Hope to see the change not only in photo industry but also generally in the world of art.

  222. Die hard Nikon user….shot on nikons from F1 to my now D5. Love my lenses too…! 24/35/58/85/105/135 and the 24-70/70-200. #Kickass #ladyboss –get behind your ladies, Nikon!

  223. Die hard Nikon user.:shot on nikons from F1 to my now D5. Love my lenses too…! 24/35/58/85/105/135 —24-70/70-200. #Kickass #ladyboss –get behind your ladies, Nikon!

  224. Me me! I would love to be included 🙂 Always have and always will use my trusty Nikon.

  225. I am Nikon… from the beginning and loyal to the brand…. are they loyal to us ?

  226. Nikon D610 & D700 and all of my little lens children 😀

  227. Been shooting Nikon for 10 years. I have bought 7 bodies and countless lenses. That’s a lot of $$$$$$$, trust & loyalty.

  228. nikon user since f100 had a couple of less professional nikon cameras, then went on to having the d7000, the d700, and the latest acquire was d750 and f3hp.
    all lens are nikon 85mm 1.8 – 50mm 1.8 and 1.4 – 35mm 2.0

  229. Nikon girl here too! Always been a loyal user. Shame on you Nikon Asia & your outdated ideas.

  230. 15 years with Nikon!

  231. Nikon user: D700 & D750 🙂

  232. I have loved my Nikon since I bought my D90 to take around the world with me.

  233. Nikon girl here! Thank you for creating this post, and this list of such amazing women! <3

  234. Tracey Jennings

    I live in Asia, I shoot Nikon. You know even when I was the first female to ever win Australia Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year .. I didn’t even get a social media plug from Nikon… but the winner of portfolio and a good friend of mine and an amazing photographer became an ambassador lol .. don’t think we have any female ambassadors in Asia or Australia still ..

  235. Panpa Martinez

    Nikon rules also in my bag !!!!

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