Don’t Give up on Blogging


When your passion is photographing and editing, the last thing you want to spend time doing is writing real wedding introductions. It’s time-consuming and takes you away from what you love most about wedding photography. While blogging may be tiresome, I’m urging you to keep at it. Wherever you’re at in your photography career, there are so many benefits that come from consistent blogging, and here are just a few that I think will resonate.


Get Featured

Editors spend a large majority of their days scanning blogs. While we love seeing single shots from new weddings via social media, we get a much better idea of the wedding day through a blog post. If we see a wedding we like on your blog, we’ll reach out and request it for publication. If we see a cool photo on social media, we’ll wait until we see the full blog post before reaching out. See the problem? If you only post on social media, we have no idea whether that really cool photo = a really cool wedding.


Couples Will Trust That You Can Deliver

Before couples reach out via your contact form, they’ve already made a few assumptions about you from your online presence. They’ve looked up reviews, researched your social accounts, and spent time analyzing photos you showcase on your website. While your portfolio might be stunning, put yourself in a couples’ shoes. Your potential clients are looking for a photographer who can capture more than just one epic portrait. They want to know that their entire wedding will be beautifully documented.

Couples need to trust in your ability to deliver a skillfully documented wedding, and the best way to gain that trust is by showing them what you’ve delivered to past clients.


Photo by Lauren Scotti


Attract Your Dream Clients

Are you targeting a specific type of client? Of course, you are. Everyone has their dream client. Are they artsy? Are they glamorous? Do they want to get married in the mountains? Or are you just looking for cool, local couples who are fun to work with? If none of this other advice resonates with you, I hope this does: add the clients you want to your website! If you’ve shot a mountain wedding and it was your favorite wedding ever, blog it. Show it off to other couples who might be searching for a photographer with mountain wedding experience. Blogging your favorite clients will attract more of that client type, which will lead to a happier you!


Grow as a Photographer

The creative process, as you all know, is an ever-evolving thing. Your style transforms over time as you add creative influences to your tool belt. The best way to evaluate your work and learn from mistakes and/or successes is to simply be with your work. Blogging, while time-consuming and tedious, gives you a chance to review your work in a new light. Blogging forces you to put the story together. During the editing phase, you’re focused on the minute aspects of a wedding, while writing a blog post gives you the opportunity to see the bigger picture. You may learn things about your approach that you didn’t notice before.


Whether consistent blogging means once a week or once a month, it doesn’t matter, just as long as you pick a schedule and stick to it. That extra hour or two of work will so be worth it.

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  1. Agree! Blogging is a very important part of our photography business.

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