14 Posing Ideas for At-Home Engagement Photography

Engagement photos are one of the best ways to capture the love a couple shares before their big day. But they can also be stressful for many since they’re not used to being in front of the camera. However, opting for an at-home engagement session immediately makes them feel more at ease since they’re in a place they’re comfortable with. Thankfully, with a little direction and these posing ideas, they’ll be camera-ready in no time!

Photobug Tip:

Put on a playlist of fun, upbeat songs that they won’t be able to resist dancing to. It’s a great way to shake off those nerves and capture some seriously cute candid moments.

Bedroom At-Home Engagement Poses

When doing an at-home engagement shoot, there’s no better place to start than the bedroom. This is where couples can show off their playful, serious, and sensual sides. And the bed makes for an extremely easy prop that may make them feel more comfortable.

1. Holding Hands on the Bed

Holding hands on the bed can be playful like the couple below or result in more romantic images—be prepared for either in at at-home engagement session.

Image by Kylie Farmer

2. Snuggle Up on the Bed

At-home engagement photography is a bit different than snapping photos in public and opens up the opportunity to catch seriously gorgeous and intimate shots.

3. Lay in the Opposite Directions

Whether your clients naturally nestle into each other’s arms like this couple below or they’re overcome by fits of giggles, this will change up the direction of your images.

4. Grab Some Pillows and Face Each Other

Maybe you’ll end up with a couple staring into each other’s eyes. Or you might end up with sweet kisses. Either way it’ll be a unique angle.

Image by Kylie Farmer

5. Grab Your Partner and Kiss Them!

Take a few steps back and let your couple express their love in their own home—you won’t be sorry.

Image by Cedar & Pines

Living Room Engagement Poses

From the couch to bookshelves to a record player, there are a lot of different props you can play around with in the living room.

6. Lay On the Other Person’s Lap

Some couples will take this opportunity to look into their eyes and fall in love all over again. Other’s might feel too serious and will laugh. You’ll get a great range of reactions.

Image by Aileen Choi

7. Get Close And Kiss

Kisses in the living room are a bit different than kissing in the bedroom because it will feel more casual.

8. Look Out The Window Together

Are they looking into the future or are they staring at a squirrel? The options are endless.

9. Run Your Fingers Through Their Hair

This romantic gesture always comes across beautifully in photographs. It’s the perfect showcase of love and care.

Image by Henry Tieu

10. Put On Your Favorite Song

If your couple has a cool collection of records, books, or even video games, have them pose with it! They’ll appreciate the gesture and it’s a fun way to document something they love.

Kitchen Engagement Poses

For more lighthearted and playful photos, consider shooting the at-home engagement photos in the kitchen.

11. Make Some Cookies

Have the pair bake and play around with the ingredients to create deliciously good images.

Close Up At-Home Engagement Poses

No matter which room you end up in, there’s something romantic about getting close-up shots of the couple. This could be while the couple is laying on the bed or embracing one another in the living room.

12. Can You Hear Their Heartbeat?

This is going to create photos that are the perfect mix of loving and sensual.

Image by Terragraph

13. Slowly Turn And Embrace Each Other

You’re going to want to catch the entire rotation to get some amazing photos of the couple.

14. Bring In The Dog

Always ask the couple to bring their pets into their photos at home—you’ll never be disappointed by a furry friend.

Now that you’ve gotten some at-home engagement photography inspiration, check out our posing prompts that will help couples feel completely carefree!

Image by Cedar & Pines

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