Posing Prompts to Help Your Couples Feel Carefree

Couple portraits are all about capturing the fun and intimate moments that encompass a couple, but sometimes people need a little help to relax and forget there’s a camera pointed in their direction. Lucky for you, we created a list of our favorite posing prompts that are a sure way to get your couple feeling carefree and for you to switch up your go-to poses.

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Cedar and Pines couple photo

Image by Cedar and Pines

Movement Posing Prompts

Your goal as a wedding photographer is to capture those raw, authentic moments. And when your couples are stiff and overly posed, that will reflect in every image taken. That’s why it’s so important to get your couples moving. This will make your couples feel more comfortable and will leave you with images you’ll be proud to show-off on your Instagram.  

  • With arms around each other, walk towards me like you’re drunk
  • With arms around each other, take large steps in front of your partner (but be careful not to fall!)
  • Play the couple’s favorite song and have them dance
  • Face one another and spin around in circles while holding hands
  • Have your couple stand far away from each other and then run towards each other for a big bear hug
  • Have one person slightly walk in front of the other, leading them while looking back every so often
  • Stand next to each other and bump hips, trying to get the other person off-balance
  • Lift and spin your partner around
  • Give your partner a piggyback ride
  • Run around and play tag
  • Hold hands and run towards me
  • Run up behind your partner and give them a surprise bear hug
  • Dance like you’re at your wedding reception—bumpin’ music playing, surrounded by all of your friends, and a few drinks in

Image by Laurken Kendall.

Intimate Posing Prompts

Intimate poses can get uncomfortable for camera shy couples. That’s why it’s important to come prepared with posing prompts that’ll get your clients showing that PDA (public display of affection) authentically with a camera in their face. Here are our favorites. 

  • Kissing game! Kiss your partner in three places that are not on the mouth
  • Get close and express how much you love one another with only using your eyes
  • Go in for a kiss, but don’t kiss until I say. Hold still for a moment
  • Have one person nuzzle the other’s cheek with their nose
  • With your foreheads touching and eyes closed, breathe each other in and out
  • Hug like you won’t see each other for six months
  • Give butterfly kisses on each other’s cheeks, necks, shoulders, etc.
  • Tell your partner why you love them
  • Play with each other’s hair
  • Sit down on the floor and tie yourselves up like a human pretzel
Henry Tieu engagement session

Image by Henry Tieu

Silly Posing Prompts

The fake laugh pose is a thing of the past with these silly posing prompt ideas. Plus, this is a great way to get your couples laughing and having a good time—which means great photos and even better reviews

  • In your sexiest voice, whisper your grocery list into your partner’s ear
  • Pinch your partner’s butt
  • Stand side-by-side holding hands and tell me an embarrassing story about your partner
  • Tickle your partner
  • Play with his beard
  • Tell a joke
  • Quote a funny line from your favorite movie


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  1. Maria

    I love to have my couple standing in a bear hug and to ask the partner in the front: “Can you still breathe?”…usually they say “yeah” and I go “Well, then this hug isn’t tight enough…squeeze her/him tighter!” – Always gets laughters and a real tight and amazing hugging moment!
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