The Best Facebook Groups for Wedding Photographers

photo by Jonnie and Garrett

Owning your own photography business is typically a one man (or woman – girl power!) show, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be lonely or isolating. Sure, you spend time with your couples at sessions and on their wedding day, but what about the time in-between when you’re at your desk or on your couch editing and emailing the day away? Thanks to our obsession with technology and social media, there has been increase of friendships and networking opportunities with just a few clicks. We came up with a list of some of the best Facebook groups for wedding photographers that are focused on growth, kindness, and community. So whether you are looking to share your images with other photographers to just want to see the other magic people are making, there is sure to be a place for you to connect with other kick-ass humans.

photo by Heirlume Photography

Sister Photogs Group

Admins: Stephanie Rogers, Heather Thompson, Caroline Malone

Number of members: 1,055

Mission Statement: We love growth. It hurts, it’s chaos, but it’s oh so, so good for you in the long run, so let’s build a sister photog community together! Share your images, ideas, inspiration, shooting and editing tips, gear, or program advice.

From the Admins:

  • I think Sister Photogs has affected the wedding photography community positively! It’s a wonderful and safe place for women to connect on a personal and business level. We’ve already had a Dallas local meet-up where about 13 gals showed up to meet each other. Since then I have already seen a couple of them hang out and photograph each other which is such a beautiful thing. Community is so important and I think having such a positive group on the internet these days is such a great success! Sometimes I think it’s hard to not feel judged when asking questions, whether you are a beginner or long time photographer, and it’s amazing how quickly you see a community build each other up.
  • We’re an all female photography community all about learning from each other, growing, and also connecting personally. We share inspiration, have monthly photo contests, bi-weekly or monthly photography tips, and want to just encourage discussion with each other. Our group and Instagram is all about diversity as we think any and every type of person deserves love and respect whether they are a photographer or the client.

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Photography Mentoring (for Non-Douches)

Admins: Kristen Kaiser, Edward Kaiser

Number of members: 4,636

Mission Statement: If you’re a photographer who is eager to learn + network + encourage + inspire + be inspired, welcome! This group is education focused and not an “image sharing” group so please ask for constructive criticism (CC) when posting images. Exception would be providing insight + giving advice. While y’all have lovely work no one is here to show off. 😉

From the Admins:

  • Photography Mentoring (for Non-Douches) is a Facebook group that is just that: photography mentoring, no douches allowed. The name is meant to get a few laughs and not take ourselves too seriously, but we are serious about providing a space for photographers of all styles and skill levels to come together and grow as a group without any judgement or criticism. The group ranges from those who just purchased their first camera (or are still working from an iPhone), to seasoned professionals who have been in the industry 30+ years. Photography Mentoring (for Non-Douches) has become a online safe haven for photographers to learn and grow with positive and uplifting vibes only!
  • Photographers can be nasty. If you’re looking for a group to show off your latest work, share criticism to those who haven’t requested it, or use beginners’ questions as a chance to rudely insert your “my way or the highway” opinions, this group probably won’t be a great fit. We have a zero tolerance policy for douchey behavior in this group. However, if you’re eager to learn, network, encourage, inspire and be inspired, we’d love for you to join us! Everyone is welcome in this group, but there’s only one important question to be answered first: are you a douche?

photo by Mark Pacura Photography


Admins: Lukas Piatek, Matthias Jaworski, Jacob Loafman, Max Oishi, Seth Langer, Maciej Suwalowski, Ari Dorfman, Daniel Aaron Sprague

Moderators: Justine Di Fede, Leah Simonek Lewis, Laura Babb, Laura Beck

Number of members: 49,530

Mission Statement: This is a group where you can find inspiration from others and also contribute to inspire. We encourage you to post your work or to share links to your work here. The work that you see here will feature a variety of categories.

From the Admins:

  • If you want to see a staggering amount of inspirational imagery from all areas of photography, this is the group for you. Please join in and share what you are proud of! Join the madness – it is a beautiful sort of madness. LOOKSLIKEFILM is our main group and is for image sharing only. We feature images from this group on a daily basis (most days).
  • I would say the impact this group has made is bringing people together. Hundreds of people all over the world have made new friends with people who share their passion.
  • We don’t care if your image actually looks like film, it’s just a catchy sounding name, and in fact it ours rarely looks like film. And that is okay. <3

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Admins: Lukas Piatek, Matthias Jaworski, Jacob Loafman, Seth Langer, Maciej Suwalowski, Ari Dorfman, Daniel Aaron Sprague

Moderators: Justine Di Fede, Leah Simonek Lewis, Laura Beck

Number of members: 30,859

Mission Statement: This group should be used to learn and grow as an artists. We welcome amateurs that want to start and simply need some help , as well as everyone else that wants to help and share their knowledge.

From the Admins:

  • I don’t know if our group has changed the industry at all, but I don’t know – maybe we have provided a safe place for people to learn and network. Safe for all walks of life. Safe for all skin colors. All genders. Everyone.
  • If you are a positive person who enjoys community, this is the place for you. Come here to share your experiences and knowledge. Come here to learn.

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photo by Kristen Kaiser


Admins: Lukas Piatek, Matthias Jaworski, Jacob Loafman, Maciej Suwalowski, Daniel Aaron Sprague

Number of members: 6,459

Mission Statement:  This group can however be used in many different ways. Everything related to wedding photography can be shared and even discussed here. Share your images, your questions, your ideas, your referrals… We encourage you to post your work or to share links to your work here. The work that you see here will feature a variety of categories.

From the Admins:

  • We made this group so that we had a place for all of the wedding related content. Inquiry sharing, second shooter requests, and any other wedding related issues find their home in this group.

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Photography – Education – Heck Yeah! / Ben Sasso

Admins: Ben Sasso, Ryan Longnecker

Number of members: 36,238

Mission Statement:  As you improve, we all improve. Get critiqued! Ask for or offer help! Post referrals! Post your latest work!

From the Admins:

  • What I see most happening in this group is the realization that so many photographers struggle through the same things, and now 30K photographers can draw from the experiences of others to make it through those struggles smoothly.
  • Come hang out, ask for critiques, advice, etc. Learn some, and don’t be a a jerk.

photo by Just Like Honey

Lovers of Photography + The Office

Admins: Kristen Kaiser

Moderators: Madeleine Frost

Number of members: 1,073

Mission Statement: The Office memes/gifs + photography. Nothing else allowed.

From the Admins:

  • Lovers of Photography + The Office has two purposes: to bring together photographers who love The Office and provide a space for us to lightheartedly relate our own experiences with photography to the hilarious and witty situations the crew from Scranton find themselves in. The only posts allowed in this group are images or gifs from The Office paired with quotes or experiences photographers often go through. Photography can be an overwhelming industry and Lovers of Photography + The Office provides an opportunity for photographers to combine their unhealthy obsessions with The Office with their other great love for art (and venting).
  • If you haven’t seen The Office, you should probably get on that before joining this group (among numerous other reasons)! If you haven’t seen the whole season, the group will probably make little to no sense to you. If, however, you’ve been binge watching the entire season for the past five years (no skipping Scott’s Tots!), you’re about to find your new online happy place!

Lovers of Photography + Parks and Recreation

Admins: Kelsee Thaten, Alexandra Laughlin

Number of members: 208

Mission Statement: Photography + Parks and Rec gifs. Nothing more, nothing less.

photo by Lauren Nicole Photography

Depth Of Field Creatives

Admins: Abbey Grim

Number of members: 1,485

Mission Statement: This is a SAFE and SUPPORTIVE group is for creatives who struggle with ADHD, depression, anxiety, etc. It is for bouncing ideas off each other and giving and getting help.

Ladies Behind The Lens

Admins: Eva Cherneff, Chelsea Warren, Sara Rogers, Tyshawnna Johnson, Jennifer van Son, Tara Lilly, Cassandra Casley, Jennifer Cornthwaite, Delilah Summer Rayne, Nicole Ashley, Frances Beatty, Angie McCabe, Jennifer Moher

Number of members: 9,216

Mission Statement: Ladies Behind the Lens is a collective and community of kick ass professional female identifying photographers who strive to support each other in their business and artistic ventures.

From the Admins:

  • We have a large amount of wedding focussed photographers, so the group has definitely helped support the wedding photography community by sharing knowledge, experience, and inspiration.
  • LBL is a niche group for female-identifying photographers. It helps motivate and inspire women in a space that is women supporting women in business and the industry.

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photo by Noelle Johnson Photography

Dirtybootsandmessyhair COMMUNITY

Admins: Nils Osenbrück, Merve Nur Demirci, Dani Mancini

Number of members: 2,782

Mission Statement: This group is focussed around adventurous couples, extraordinary wedding days, and incredible photography.

From the Admins:

  • We actually started as an Instagram page. Within a few months we were blown away that it had attracted so many followers, who appreciated our approach to unique styles of wedding photography. That spurred us on to find ways of connecting those photographers, and creating a tighter knit community that could share inspiration and ideas with each other. Our Facebook page is one way that we’ve done this. Since launching the DBMH Facebook group, we like to think it’s helped the wedding photography community get the inspiration they need to find creative ways of capturing unique weddings. We hope it’s helped creatives to push their work – and their adventurousness – to the next level.

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Photobug Community

Admins: Carrie Schwab, Nicole Seligman, Lexi Heimdal, Colleen Hudgins, Marissa Forsyth, Jessica Pesquera

Number of members: 5,936

Mission Statement: Empowering wedding photographers to take a sustainable, creative, and compassionate approach to their businesses through education and community.

From the Admins: 

  • Rather than being a community for a specific style of photography, Photobug is focused on all styles of wedding, engagement, and couple portrait photography. A good photo is a good photo, regardless of trends in style and post-production. As a worldwide community, we are here to grow and share, so discussion and questions are always encouraged.
  • We are excited to feature selected images and video clips from this group in our Top Pics of the Week on the Photobug blog! So invite your photographer and videographer friends, and get to sharing the magic that you make!

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photo by Sara Rogers Photography

Now go on with your bad self and start networking with other wedding photographers! Do you have a favorite photography Facebook group? Tell us below!

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