Winter Engagement Shoot Outfit Ideas to Share With your Couples

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With winter quickly approaching, there’s a chance that you’ve got quite a few engagement photo sessions coming up. We know that engagement season is a busy one, which is why we want to make it as stress-free as possible for you. When it comes to choosing outfits, we know that couples rely heavily on their photographers to help them choose a fit that will photograph well. That’s why we’re doing the work for you and rounding up some winter engagement photo outfit ideas, so you don’t have to put together your own mood board.

Winter Engagement Shoot Outfit Ideas

For couples that want to dress to the nines, think sweater dresses in deep hues and suits that are wedding-ready. This is a look that fits every setting too, so it’s the perfect go-to.

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For couples that want to look edgy yet chic, pair leather jackets and camel coats with chunky boots and wool flat-brim hats.

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There are so many jacket options out there that it can be overwhelming to choose. For a timeless look that your couples won’t regret wearing, opt for teddy coats, bomber jackets, and neutral colors. They’re easy to layer based on the weather, plus they can be worn with a variety of pants–plaid, jeans, skirts, slacks, etc.

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For the more laidback couples who love the idea of a boho look, choose patterned maxi dresses paired with a warm coat. To ensure that the couple matches, choose coats, sweaters, and accessories in different shades of brown and beige.

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If your couple is choosing to shoot their engagement photos in an adventurous, outdoorsy setting such as a national park, suggest that they embrace the cooler weather and scenery and rock outfits that are warm, simple, and practical. We’re talking beanies, hiking boots, and winter coats that will actually keep them comfortable in the cooler temps.

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Now that you’ve given your couples some winter engagement shoot outfit ideas, it’s time to pick an epic location for the session. We’ve rounded up eight photo locations around the world that are sure to impress!

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