Take Your In-Person Wedding Photography Marketing to the Next Level with the New Features from Fundy Designer

If you’re looking for new ways to market your services to clients, look no further than Fundy Designer! They recently released some incredible new features that make designing informational packets, magazines, and cards a breeze. We are so pumped over these new features that we had Fundy’s Jeannette Encinas interview wedding photographer and business badass Makayla Jade of The Harris Company on how Makayla has incorporated these new features into her business. Keep scrolling and get excited over the increased revenue possibilities that you could be taking advantage of by using Fundy Designer.

photos © The Harris Company

New Features, New Products, New Sales

Fundy Designer created a game changer for photographers when they introduced their new studio magazines that easily allow photographers to create gorgeous and unique magazines and cards to showcase their work. Created by top graphic designers and with text written by a professional writer, all you have to do is drag and drop your own photographs and change up the text just a bit to make these magazines all yours. Makayla Jade of The Harris Company has incorporated the studio magazines and cards into her business and found the results to be astounding. With the simplistic designs and easy drag and drop features, Makayla was able to create fresh and striking magazines, pricing cards, and informational guides about the printed products her company offers.

“These new features have been huge for our business. Because of how beautifully and easily we are able to present our information to prospective clients, we were able to bring in $28,675 in revenue for our associate shooter in one show, and it only took us about 2.5 hours to design the materials and print the materials using Fundy Direct. Not only that but everything arrived at our studio only a few days later!” Makayla says. “It’s incredible.”

photos © The Harris Company

In-Person Products

The studio magazines and cards have helped Makayla and her team present information to their clients in a way that is visually appealing, emotionally resonating, and that doesn’t feel salsey. This has helped Makayla open up conversations about add-on services and increase her revenue per client with more ease.

“We used the magazine templates to create informational pages about wall art, parent albums, bridal boudoir, and boomerang booth options, all add on items that our clients may not have been thinking about when they initially booked,” Makayla says. “By putting this information in front of our clients in a printed and tangible form, they are able to see these add-ons paired with beautiful photographs. They’re not only more likely to actually read it, but also more likely to share the magazine with their fiancé, parents, and other decision makers.”

Digital Products

When clients can’t come in to view the magazines, the new features in Fundy Designer allows photographers to send a digital copy of the studio magazines to present clients with all the information they need.

“The new features in Fundy Designer allow us to get a digital copy of our studio magazine and all the information our clients are looking for in a simplified, convenient way and still communicate value and highlight the important elements of our brand,” Makayla explains. “By exporting our magazine designs, uploading them to the online album proofer and sharing the “friend” link with prospective clients, we are able to guide the informational process for our clients to make sure we are communicating the value of our experience before showing them pricing, all with the convenience of online delivery. And it’s mobile friendly!”

photos © The Harris Company

Business Management and Integration

Not only that but the new studio management integration has made it easier and faster to close the sale and keep track of printed sales for Makayla.

“We love using the Fundy invoice features because we can pair the line item pricing on the right with images of the products on the left and draw their attention to the pictures of what they purchased. This builds excitement and reminds clients of the value of what they are investing in instead of having them focus solely on the numbers. By finalizing everything inside Fundy we are able to make the sale flow more smoothly and still keep track of our revenue by easily importing the invoice information into our client management system.”

When to Start Using Fundy Designer

When asked if she has any tips for photographers interested in creating magazines to showcase their work Makayla suggests not thinking about it but just start doing it.

“These studio magazines and cards will help any photographer increase sales and show their work in a way that is super fresh and resonating. I would recommend creating and incorporating these new features into your business as soon as possible.”

photos © The Harris Company

Thank you so much Jeannette Encinas and Makayla Jade for sharing these fun and new features that Fundy Designer offers wedding photographers!

Are you curious about other ways you can use Fundy Designer to grow your business? Register for our Building A Scalable Business with In-Person Sales e-course where Makayla Jade teaches you the ins and outs of IPS and how to effectively add it into your workflow!



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