This Month’s Challenge Was To Create For Yourself

Every month, we create photo challenges for our Facebook Photobug Community to share their favorite wedding photos. We’re constantly blown away with the submissions and photos shared that we wanted to change things up. Because burnout is on the rise and it can be hard to stay creative every single month, we wanted to give photographers the chance to create for themselves. 

That’s right. This month we asked our community members to share photos they created just for themselves to stay inspired and protect their creativity. Scroll down to see some gorgeous photos captured by our Facebook Photobug Community and some amazing stories behind them. 

Posing Cues Causing Laughter

“The moment I took this picture, the father of the groom was laughing and yelled from far behind, “What are you doing with that antelope’s head?” The groom said, “The photographer asked me to!” Sometimes, this kind of situation that happens on the field can be a burden and a challenge at the same time. Do you feel the same?” – Elizabeth Tiffany

couple in cave with sunlight peeking

photo by Groovy Banana

couple in cave with sunlight flares

image by Groovy Banana

create for yourself challenge

photo by Shanay Greene

women in blue dress at sunset

image by Shanay Greene

newlyweds in a field

image by Flora Gibson

blurry wedding photo

photo by Flora Gibson

black and white photo with chandelier

image by 7th Sadistic

Documenting Every Part of People’s Lives

I’ve had the honor of documenting this beautiful human (Ryan Baker) over the past year as he transitions. It’s truly been one of the most fulfilling projects and a wonderful meditation on masculinity—because, what does it really mean to be a man? – Ryan Chard Smith

woman lying down with window shadow

photo by Framedia Wibowo

create for yourself photo of woman looking out the window

image by Bartosz Filipek

Naming Images For Yourself

This is one of my earliest portrait shoots, yet it remains one of my favourites. I’m not much of a person to name my photos, but this color palette, model’s dress, and the anxiety my friend felt during that period of time reminds me of Vesper from Casino Royale, and that’s what I call this scene.” – Bartosz Filipek

Get Featured In Our Next Photo Challenge Round-Up

Thank you to our Photobug Facebook Community for sharing these incredible photos with us and for participating in our monthly challenges. We love featuring the work of photographers and videographers from our community! 

For a chance to be featured in next month’s photo challenge round-up, be sure to join our Photobug Facebook Community and follow us on Instagram for updates. Next month’s challenge will be announced on October 1, 2021. Stay tuned!

If you’re looking for inspiration on what to post on our Facebook page, check out last month’s Top Pics of the Month and all our previous round-ups

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