How To Come Back From Burnout

Feeling overly stressed and exhausted is unfortunately fairly normal. Professionals across the country are feeling the effects of burnout—but it’s especially difficult for creatives to come back from burnout. From juggling your finances to kicking off side hustles, you aren’t alone in these feelings of overexertion. 

When we experience burnout we often gravitate towards lazier activities, which is okay to do from time to time. We’ll be the first to tell you that it’s absolutely normal to have changes in your creative energy and drive. But how can you come back from feeling this way? How can you go back to being productive? We’re here to help you come back from burnout and protect your creativity

The Science Behind Burnout

For starters, what is burnout? According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, burnout is what happens when overly stressed-out, career-driven professionals feel “exhausted, empty, burned out, and unable to cope.” Coined in the 1970s, this term was mostly used for nurses and doctors. Over the years, different types of professionals across the world have begun feeling this way. As passionate wedding photography professionals, feeling the need to be upbeat and positive while also capturing moments of love can be hard on you—especially when you do this every weekend with no breaks! 

Instead of mustering up your already exhausted mind for more work, take a step back. Breathe. You can love your job and feel burnt out. You can acknowledge that things are tough right now and that taking some time to yourself would be nice. 

When it comes to taking care of you and your brain, there are many different ways to get the job done. 

Try These Self-Care Methods

Practicing self-care is an incredible personal time with yourself that everyone should take better advantage of. Keep in mind that not everyone’s self-care is the same. Here are a few of our favorite self-care options.

Take a Moment to Meditate

With or without a guide, meditation is known to help with feelings of stress or anxiety. When it comes to meditating, there’s no perfect way to do it. The key is to try to stay consistent with your meditation practices. 

Start by finding a quiet place where you can focus on your breathing and staying present in the moment for at least ten minutes a day. Aromatherapy can also help increase your feelings of zen. Try lavender for calmness, sage for cleansing, and peppermint for focus.

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Time To Work Those Muscles

running couple coming back from burnout

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Another way to break up with burnout is to get moving. According to the American Heart Association, physical activity can release stress, calm you, improve your mood, and help you think clearly. Those are great reasons but if you need more convincing, working out in any way releases endorphins which are a natural mood booster. 

Just taking a brisk 15-minute walk can help you clear your mind, think, and ultimately feel better. You don’t need to buy a brand new gym membership or sign up for hard workouts—unless you want to. Just grab your headphones and take a walk around your neighborhood for a few minutes to help you come back from burnout. 

Photobug Tip: 

Don’t forget to drink water! Staying hydrated is an important part of healing, especially from burnout. Consider this is your sign to go get a glass of water. 

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Write Down Your Thoughts 

Another great method to come back from burnout is journaling. Journaling is less like what you might have written in an angsty teenage diary and more about you clarifying your thoughts on what is happening in your life with a clearer perspective. 

As you start journaling, you can write down what happened during the day or you can write down things that both went well and went wrong during the week. This is a great way for you to reflect on your feelings, acknowledge your stresses, and figure out the best course of action for your future. Plus, journaling can help spark your creativity again. It will encourage you to look back on the good days, focus on why you chose wedding photography, and help you fall in love with it again. 

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Spark Joy For Yourself

When in doubt, do things that will surely spark joy for you whether it’s a bubble bath, a glass of your favorite relaxing alcohol, or a dessert from your favorite restaurant. Snag something that will physically remind you to take care of yourself every time you see it. The key to making this the most enjoyable experience is to focus on yourself, finding your joy, and staying in the present.

How To Come Back From Burnout 

We want to give you credit for acknowledging that you might have burnout—that’s likely what brought you here. Recognizing the signs of burnout is important coming back from it can also feel overwhelming. 

We’re firm believers that taking some time off to focus on yourself is always okay. Whether it’s a week-long vacation or just an afternoon spent away from your emails, take care of yourself. Try out a few of these self-care tips and give yourself both grace and time to feel like yourself again. 

Once you’ve given yourself some much needed TLC and time to not think, we’re confident you’ll be ready to take on your next challenge. Remember that it’s okay to feel burnout. You’ve got this! 

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