Phenomenal Wedding Film from Mott Visuals

I have adored wedding photography for as long as I can remember and so it’s only natural that my heart would now be enamored with wedding films as well. I love the way that sound and movement can bring the wedding day to life, creating an emotional experience that can be relived again and again. Today we’re highlighting an incredible film directed by Colin Elphick of Mott Visuals of Tan and Berry’s wedding at the Intercontinental Sun Peninsular Da Nang in Vietnam. The classic vibe of the day was perfectly captured in this film that evokes feelings of old Hollywood glamour and romance that is one hundred percent real!

A few thoughts from the cinematographer:

How do you prepare for shooting a wedding film? I always make sure to meet the couple the day before the wedding for a coffee and a chat and the first thing that struck me about Tan and Berry was how well we got along and how strikingly good looking they are. I immediately decided that their film had to have elements that referenced classic Hollywood cinema of the 40’s and 50’s. Even though we have shot at the Sun Peninsular before, my cinematographer Tim Barker and I still scouted extensively for locations for the rest of the day and into the evening. Staying on that late meant we found the incredible orange light along the beach that we used for the last sequence of the film, which if I had to choose I would say is my favorite scene.

What was the couple looking for in their film? Tan and Berry designed their wedding to be really simple and classic, with pastels and creams throughout, so we had a great color palette to work with. They were looking for a timeless, cinematic style of filmmaking, with long slow shots, and something that really showed just how deeply in love they are.

How would you describe your style? I base my wedding work on my experience in narrative and commercial filmmaking, so the style of cinematography is really important to me. I think there is nothing worse than an ostentatious camera movement. If the cinematography can almost disappear, when the movement is almost invisible, that’s when I’m happy. Justin Mott likes to call my style ‘moving stills’, which I guess is actually a pretty good way to describe it. And I love catching moments, those unguarded laughs or smiles that say so much. So I’m always seeking out that balance between the striking nature of an amazing photograph and the emotional power of great cinematography.

What do you enjoy about making wedding films at Mott Visuals? I think the thing we are most proud of is that we are really making something that is different to what else is out there, that there is this fluidity running between the still photographs and the films that I’ve never seen anywhere else before. I don’t know of any one else who is able to offer that to their clients, a complete visual story of their wedding day, both photography and film, from a single studio. That’s the thing that gives me the biggest buzz really, when we send off a finished wedding story and we know that it’s a story that no one else could have told, something genuinely unique.

Thanks to Mott Visuals and Colin Elphick for sharing their beautiful work!


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  1. Congrats to the lovely couple! This video is very touching!

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