6 Things to Try to Spice Up Your Next Photoshoot

Maybe you’ve hit a bit of a creative rut. Maybe you’re looking to sharpen up your skills and set your photography a part. Or maybe you’re just looking to spice up your next photoshoot. Whatever it may be, there are many tips, tricks, and tools that’ll switch up your typical photoshoot routine. And adding a little change is the top way to avoid burnout and draw more clients into your inboxes. 

If you’re looking to spice up your next photoshoot, here are the top things to try during your next session. 

1. Test Out Fog And Smoke Bombs 

Sometimes the most difficult conditions make for the most incredible images. And this rings true when it comes to using fog and smoke in your photoshoots. Because of its unpredictability, these elements can be difficult to capture. But, if done correctly they can make for some jaw-dropping images your couples are guaranteed to love. Plus, you’ll want to plaster them all over your social media accounts. 

Photobug tip:

Before turning on your fog machine or lighting up your smoke bomb, make sure your do your research. Every photoshoot location will have different rules and regulations that photographers have to follow. Being prepared ahead of time will save you from paying a hefty fine. 

2. Brush Up Your Photoshoot Skills By Trying Out New Gear 

On top of your skills, couples hire professional photographers like you to capture precious moments with their top-rated gear. And testing out new gear like lenses, lens filters, or even a prism set can spice up your next photoshoot. This allows you to give your clients a gallery of images that are packed with personality and unlike-any-other. 

Whether you’re looking to revamp your wedding photography gear or just searching for ways to change up your photography style, take this quiz to figure out which random piece of photography gear you should try during your next photoshoot

3. Use New Posing Prompts

Coming prepared to each photo session with posing prompts will help even the most camera shy couples feel comfortable during your photoshoot. But, as a wedding and engagement photographer your job is to capture the raw moments and emotions in a natural, organic way. And capturing unposed photos can do just that. 

If you need help brainstorming prompts that’ll make it easier to capture those candid moments your couples will cherish, check out our posing prompts to help your couples feel carefree

4. Slow Your Shutter Speed To Create Motion Blur Portraits

Testing new skills is just as important as trying out new gear. And creating motion blur portraits is a great technique used by photographers to capture movement in a still image. The balance of sharp and soft detail never fails to impress, especially when it comes to photos with movements—a flowy dress, crashing waves, or a running couple.

Image by Gilang Uthe.

5. Use The Bad Weather To Your Advantage

Bad weather doesn’t always mean bad photos. Down pouring rain, dark gray clouds, and gusty winds can add personality to your images—adding dimension and making them stand a part. So if the forecast is a little less than ideal for your next photoshoot, count it as a win. Take full advantage of the storm and shoot some dramatic portraits. 

6. Get In The Water 

Take your engagement session photos to the next level by kicking off our shoes and heading straight for the water. Sure, mirrored lakes and crashing waves make for the perfect backdrop. But, taking your session one step further (literally!) can make all the difference in the world. 

From smoke bombs to testing out new gear, there are many different ways to switch up your photography sessions. And after testing out these tools and editing your photos, you’re probably ready to plaster them all over your social media pages. And we don’t blame you! But before you do, read through the marketing strategy most wedding photographers get wrong. And make sure your optimizing your marketing strategy to the fullest.

Image by From MoonlightFrom Moonlight.

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