The Best Photo Culling Software for Mac and Windows

There are client meetings to attend, marketing strategies to push, and bookkeeping records to maintain. But if there’s one thing we’ve learned over the years through Photobug, it’s that one responsibility is begrudged more than any other. You guessed it–editing. And we understand why. As creatives, post-production can be fun in short bursts. But when there are hundreds of photos to sort through, culling quickly becomes an overwhelming task. 

If you could upgrade any element of your workflow as a wedding photographer, what would it be? If “culling” is your answer, we’re here with the perfect solution. Our team is thrilled to introduce FilterPixel, a new AI software that will upgrade your editing process into one that is easier, faster, and more accurate. From culling, to organizing photos, FilterPixel does the heavy lifting so you have more time to do the things you actually love. Your life will transition to one that has less culling hours and more happy hours instead–time you can spend shooting, traveling, or being with friends and family. And all you PC users currently holding your breath? It’s the first of its kind to be available on both Mac and Windows.

FilterPixel culling photos desk view

How FilterPixel Began

FilterPixel was co-founded by Aayush Arora and Pratyush Goel in 2019. It was during a chess game at MIT that Aayush first had the idea to create an Artificial Intelligence-based culling software. 

While speaking with a photographer at the match, Aayush was surprised to learn about the exhaustive process of culling photos manually. It was then in 2020 that FilterPixel was launched. It is now a successful time-saving tool for thousands of photographers across the globe and endorsed by wedding & portrait photography educators like Vanessa Joy & Sue Bryce Education.

FilterPixel Co-Founders Aayush and Pratyush

FilterPixel co-founders Aayush and Pratyush

Advanced Culling Software

FilterPixel is a software with endless possibilities, but its main feature lies within culling. Utilizing FilterPixel is like hiring your very own culling assistant, without actually outsourcing. It’s a time saving hack, where you don’t have to give up your creative freedom. But how exactly does it work? With one click, Filterpixel automatically sorts your wedding gallery into accepted, rejected, and untagged. Rejected photos are gathered based on what the AI perceives to be an undesirable photo (i.e. closed eyes or out of focus shots.)  But you’re in charge every step of the way and can overwrite any decision made.

FilterPixel culls differently for every genre and style of photography. It’s important to note that the more you use the AI, the more it gets to know you and your selection preferences. Which is great for photographers that love to use motion-blur or slow shutter speeds for aesthetic purposes in your shooting.

When it comes to culling speed, FilterPixel’s software being cloud-based means more speed, more accuracy, and endless update potential. With FilterPixel 2.0.9, culling is performed 2 times faster than earlier versions. And this rate will keep on increasing as the development of technologies in the cloud ecosystem continues.

Culling Photos just got faster

Additional Features

If you’re a PC user, you’ve probably been looking for a trusted culling software for quite some time. And thankfully FilterPixel is here to save the day. But you’re not just receiving culling software when you purchase FilterPixel. Here are some other included features:

1. Survey Mode

FilterPixel groups all of your similar shots together automatically for easy viewing with Survey Mode. This allows you to pick the best of the similar shots and discard the rest. 

2. Organize With Tags

The AI can also group certain types of photos together through the use of custom tags, examples being ‘kissing’, ‘makeup’, or ‘dancing.’ So now your getting-ready and reception photos can be found and grouped together automatically. 

3. AI Sliders

This feature allows you to go even further when culling photos. There are two sliders you can utilize, the ‘focus quality’ slider or the ‘eye quality’ slider. Ramp up these two filters to find only the best of the best within your gallery.

4. Easy Exporting

Export photos based on tags or any filter of your choice. Then you can export to a local folder on your desktop or straight to Lightroom. 

Screenshot of FilterPixel Culling Software

What Photographers Have to Say

Photographers of all backgrounds and genres are using FilterPixel to upgrade their workflows. We are huge proponents of outsourcing any element of your job that doesn’t bring you joy. So if you’ve ever wished you could get help with culling and organizing, we hope you give FilterPixel a try. Its powerful and advanced AI will put time back into your schedule to do the things you actually love. Check out what these three photographers have to say:

FilterPixel makes culling easier

FilterPixel review from photographer

get faster at culling photos

Lastly, FilterPixel has created the code Photobug20 for our readers to get 20% off any FilterPixel subscription. Cheers to making life a little easier! Looking for more ways to speed up your editing process? We have tips for you right here.

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    This looks like a fantastic alternative to culling in Lightroom. If it saves me time, I’m all in!

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