The Best Album Companies for Wedding Photographers

For some reason, there aren’t a ton of reviews out there when it comes to wedding photo album companies. No Google, Facebook, or Yelp reviews to point photographers in the right direction. That said, it’s no wonder so many photographers end up working with several different companies before finding the perfect one for their business. Personally, I think this user information should be more available so that wedding photographers don’t have to go through this whole trial and error process. I’ve spent a few weeks coming up with this list of recommended album companies for wedding photographers and scouring the internet and Facebook to give you guys pros and cons for each company. Here’s to finding the album company that truly matches your brand!

Artifact Uprising

Pros: High-quality flat lay albums and great customer service

Cons: Expensive, final prints may have muddy tones, and some people have reported bugs with the album builder. Also, Artifact Uprising has their pricing online for everyone to see

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QT albums

Pros: Beautiful albums built for fine art photographers and affordably priced

Cons: If you shoot a different style of photography, these albums might not fit your aesthetic

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Red Tree Albums

Pros: Great quality, neutral and clean album designs

Cons: Pricing is steeper than other album options

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Pros: Affordable and great customer service

Cons: While these albums are more affordable, you might miss out on quality and appearance. ZNO also includes their pricing of albums online

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Pros: Amazing quality and great customer service

Cons: Based in Toronto, so shipping outside of Canada is more expensive

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Pros: Affordable

Cons: Not the most intuitive album builder

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Miller’s Lab

Pros: Ships in 24 hours

Cons: Album design not intuitive

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Nations Photo Lab

Pros: Great quality, affordably priced, and quick shipping (if you live in the US)

Cons: Pricing is listed on their site and if you’re shipping outside of the US, delivery times and costs may differ

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Pros: Reasonably priced, lots of cover options, and they offer free standard shipping all around the world

Cons: I have tried my hardest to find one bad thing about Visionart, but I really can’t. I’m actually surprised Visionart isn’t talked about more in the photography community. Let me know in the comments section if there’s a con I should list here!

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Luxe Wedding Albums

Pros: Wide variety of cover options and high-quality albums

Cons: Very traditional

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Pros: Quality albums with cool options such as metallic leather covers

Cons: Expensive 

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Pros: One of the oldest and biggest album making companies

Cons: Traditional designs

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Frequently Asked Questions about wedding album companies

What is the best wedding album company?

There are a lot of great album companies for wedding photographers available to use. We go into detail on what each offer, but a few favorites are QtAlbums, Artifact Uprising, and Red Tree Albums.

Where should I get my wedding album made?

Check to see where the company is located and where they ship to before creating your album! You don’t want to get stuck creating a wedding album that you cannot have shipped to where you or your client lives.

Where can I create custom albums for my wedding photography business?

Purchasing a wedding album through a professional album company will provide you with plenty of custom options such as design options, cover materials, paper quality, and more.

Where can I order a sample album for my wedding photography business?

Most professional album companies offer options for sample albums. Check out these companies and their sample albums in our list of the best album companies for wedding photographers.

We know that this list isn’t complete, and we want to hear what you have to say. Please share your favorite album companies for wedding photographers below!

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  1. I shoot documentary, my work is super colourful and it looks amazing inside a QT Album. They have so many cover and customization options that they’re honestly versatile enough to suit any photographer’s work.

  2. Thank you for a great, complete and honest review, Carrie!

    Can we take the opportunity to ask you to include our workshop in your comparison?

    We’re a niche, traditionally handbound, European photo book maker.

    Granted we’re not cheap but I’m confident you’ll agree there is nothing in the market like what we do, certainly some of your readers will be looking for a premium option to treat their most demanding clients?

    Thank you and congrats for the excellent work!

  3. Great post, but I miss Folioalbums in the list.

    You noted in the “Cons” section several times that the design solution providet by the album companys was “not intiutive”. Folioalbums customers have acces to A very fast and intuitive album design & sales solutions. (Including client gallery and album-proofing). The stand alone version of the album designer is compatible with all manufacturers and can be found here:

  4. Sue

    Hi There, which of these are uk based? I’m looking to change suppliers and struggling to find something local which suits my adventurous clients. Sue x

  5. Great List!!! Thanks for this post!!!

    I have to agree with Laura Babb’s comment above. I too shoot documentary (with maybe only a touch of fine art) and my work looks spectacular in a QT Album. Their Hahnemuhle Baryta paper is beautiful!!!

  6. Such and awesome list. We’ve worked with most of these companies. As photographers we used Finao, Graphi, Miller’s, Artifact. As founders of Banti Album Proofing , we have seen photographers using all of these companies. You pretty much can’t go wrong with any of them.

  7. Can I just throw our hat in the ring please?

    Thank you

  8. I find Vision Art cover design to be absolutely woeful and long winded. It is the main reason I don’t order their albums.

  9. I made the mistake in putting all my eggs in one basket (Album Company) and after ten years and spending over $100,000.00 , I now have a problem and this tree does not bend 🙁
    So i’m on the search for 2 or 3 Wedding Album companies and came across your reviews.

    Your assume to take your time to research these album makers with your feedback and links to each company.

    Thank you!!

    Smelling Cookies In The Oven Hugs

  10. […] easy process for you to build and plan out a wedding album (here’s a list of our favorite wedding album companies!). Not to mention the handful of family members you can easily market to from each wedding, […]

  11. James

    These are all great choices and this article is really well done. For my wedding photography, I used Millers and GraphiStudio for a long time. However, I have recently switched over to a company that is new in the market…at least in the US, named Saal Digital. Has anyone else ever heard of them? If not, they are definitely worth a look since their design program is easy but completely customizable. They also are really fast production wise and the prices are great for the quality that get. If you are in the US, here is a link:

  12. Jerri Smith

    Hi Carrie
    We are Heritage Photo Albums and it is not my intention to try to publish links to our site and I hope this will be moderated. Heritage have been making hand made wedding photo albums for many years now and offer a range of albums from faux leather to leather, silk effect, linen and slip in’s all at dedicated trade prices for trade professional photographers. I wondered if you could include us in your review as you do invite submissions?
    You can find us at –
    You can also see that since we bought the company we have received 5 star reviews on Google and Facebook.
    With kind regards
    Jerri Smith

  13. Rowena

    Wonderful list. I’d like to add US-based Black River Imaging Very easy to design and order your album with free Cascade Software. Albums are handmade in leather, fabric, acrylic or metal in just 4-5 business days. Free standard shipping too!

  14. sanua lee

    have you tried before?
    They are specialist in Hand made wedding album. also added variety of customization on the book finishing from pages, material, cover finishing, layflat ount sheet thickness, color and tons of handmade box type.
    the signature would be the leatherette wedding album

    check them out.

  15. Kerry

    Do most of these do greeting cards too?
    I shall explore but Apple have shut down their printing operations in Australia. Hoping to find a good alternative……

    Cheers, Kerry

    • colleen

      Hi Kerry! Some of the listed companies have greeting card options that you can look into for your business. I’d start looking into Artifact Uprising and go from there. Best of luck to you!

  16. Paige

    Loktah 100%!!! Their quality and price are unmatched. Surprised they weren’t in the list.

  17. Meliss

    I cannot believe Zookbinders Albums isn’t on the list! I use them for selection, design, and albums and it’s been such a great experience. They also have editing (for photo and video) for when I get really backed up. Their quality is awesome, they are based in Illinois, and I am OBSESSED with their acrylic covers and metallic paper.

  18. Mark Choi

    I would not recommend Kiss Books to my worth enemy. Their customer service is non existent, they have failed to produce multiple orders, I was told multiple times my order had been sent, then a week later told it was only 25% ready, and when I finally received my orders they were often not produced according to the specs I requested through their website. Clearly the company is not being run very well. Avoid Kiss Books and save yourself countless hours of torment caused by their failure.

    • morgan

      Hi Mark, thanks so much for letting us know about your experiences with them! We’ll be pulling them from this list until their service improves.

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