Engagement Outfit Inspiration to Share With Your Couples

It’s January. We’ve made it to a new year and engagement season is coming to a close. Next up is engagement shoot season, where your skills will come in handy for all of the couples getting ready to tie the knot. To help your couples plan fantastic outfits they will feel confident and comfortable in, we’ve put together some engagement outfit inspiration for you to share with them.

Whether your couples have a closet full of clothes or they are ready to treat themselves to a new outfit to celebrate, this post will steer them in the right direction.

Elegant Engagement Outfit Inspiration

These outfits are perfect for couples who want their engagement outfits to be fit for royalty. Whether they’re looking for deep red hues, smooth silks, or practically perfect wedding vibes, these will do the trick.

photo by Sara Rogers

couple kissing

photo by Blake Hogge


Engagement Outfit Inspiration With Patterns

As a wedding photographer, you likely know that when patterns work together they create some of the most fantastic images. Many couples, however, are intimidated by pattern mixing and matching. These inspiration images—and your professional reassurance—will help get them over their pattern fears.


pattern engagement photo inspiration

photo by Fox & Kin


Cool And Casual Engagement Outfits

Encourage your couples to be comfortable in whatever they choose to wear. Being comfortable and casual in their engagement outfits will shine through in their smiles and the laughter they share in front of the lens. These cool and casual engagement outfits are the perfect solution.

photo by Ricardo Quintana

couple sitting on a car with headlights on

image by Lukas Korynta

couple laughing over coffee

image by Cassie Cook

couple laughing

photo by Eleanor & Pete

couple sitting on a subway

image by Tara Johansen

Cozy And Intimate Engagement Outfits

Some couples are more comfortable getting cozy and intimate for their engagement shoots. Those bold couples will find more inspiration from outfits that bare all—or just enough.

lesbian couple engagement outfit inspiration

photo by KMT Photos

Now that your couples will be ready and looking fresh, don’t forget to bring speakers to the session to play this music that will have them feeling comfy and relaxed.

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