Engagement Outfit Inspiration to Share With Your Couples

As a professional in the wedding industry, your clients come to you for advice regarding just about everything. And it’s your job to set your couples up for success every step of the way. This includes helping them find the perfect outfit for their engagement photos. You’ll want to make sure they feel confident and comfortable while also rocking an outfit that’ll look great on camera—that’s where your expertise comes in. 

To help you and your clients, we’ve put together some engagement outfit inspiration you can pass on to your couples to steer them in the right direction.

Casual Engagement Outfits That’ll Make a Statement

Encourage your couples to be comfortable in whatever they choose to wear. Being comfortable and casual in their engagement outfits will shine through in the smiles and laughter they share in front of the lens. These cool and casual engagement outfits are the perfect solution.

Image by The Two Sounds

Images by Sarah Cole

Image by Iron Honey

Image by Kylie Farmer

Image by Lukas Korynta

Image by Alex Mabrey

Engagement Outfit Inspiration With Patterns

As a wedding photographer, you likely know that when patterns work together to create some fantastic images. Many couples, however, are intimidated by pattern mixing and matching. These images and your professional reassurance will help them overcome their pattern fears.

Image by Nikk Nguyen

pattern engagement photo inspiration

Image by Fox & Kin

Elegant Engagement Outfit Inspiration

These outfits are perfect for couples who want to go all out for their engagement photos. The couples looking for an excuse to get all dressed up with their partner. If this sounds like your clients, these elegant engagement outfits will do the trick.

Image by Lauren Casino

Cozy And Intimate Engagement Outfits

Some couples are more comfortable getting cozy and intimate for their engagement shoots. Maybe they want to switch things up and take their engagement photos at home. Those bold couples will find more inspiration from these outfits fit for a cozy and intimate engagement session. 

lesbian couple engagement outfit inspiration

photo by KMT Photos

Now that your clients are prepped and ready, it’s your turn. From hunting down the perfect location to packing your camera bag, a lot goes into your engagement session preparation. To help you out, we’ve created the ultimate engagement photography guide packed with everything you need to know to pull off a successful shoot.

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