Relive Your Favorite 2020 Moments With Our January Photo Challenge

With 2020 in our rearview mirror, we can finally look back at the year with a new perspective. For this month’s challenge, we wanted to think about the fondest memories of an otherwise unpredictable year. We asked our Facebook Photobug Community to share their favorite photo of 2020 to help us relive those happier moments. The submissions left us hopeful for the new year’s celebrations of love, especially since these inspiring pictures were captured amidst all the chaos. 

If you are ready to welcome the new year with images of love, then check out this month’s photo challenge: favorite 2020 moments. 

Favorite 2020 Moment

photo by The Hendrys

wedding castle 2020 favorite moments

image by Goran Primorac

black and white wedding with large tree

photo by Govinda Rumi

favorite 2020 moments wedding photo

image by Natalie Pluck

bridal portrait 2020 fave

photo by Alan Hargrove

wedding portrait decor fave 2020

photo by Sydney Aleisha

smoke wedding portrait

photo by Dominika Gaik

asian wedding portrait happy jumping

photo by HeyKaris

double exposure wedding portrait

image by ID Brothers

How To Get Featured In Next Month’s Challenge

A huge thank you to our Facebook Photobug Community for sharing these incredible images. With all the craziness 2020 brought, we are incredibly excited to start a fresh new year of Photobug challenges. If you want to get in on all the fun, be sure to join the Facebook Photobug Community

Speaking of making memories, make sure you’re prepared to capture all your shoots this year. Once they’re ready to publish, make sure you’re reaching the right audience with our Instagram Hashtag Guide. And for other tips, check out our business advice page so feeling unprepared will be a thing of the past.

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