16 Products Photographers Swear By

Happy holidays to all of you, Photobugs! We are incredibly excited for the holiday season because it means that this long year is finally coming to a close. Sayonara 2020! Now that we’ve got that off our chests, we want to end this year on a fun, positive note. Let’s talk about wedding photographer equipment!

From beginner to advanced-level photographers, we know that you have a huge list of favorite products that make wedding photography both fun and beautiful. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up a list of products that wedding photographers swear by.

This also doubles as a gift guide to pass along to your friends or family for the holiday season. Thankfully, most of them are available online, which makes ordering a breeze. Let’s dive in and check out some amazing, must-have wedding photographer equipment! 

The Adobe Photography Plan 

First and foremost, if you haven’t already upgraded to the Adobe Photography Plan get going. We’ll wait. This is an absolute must have in the wedding photographer equipment category. If you have been using free apps on your phone or computer and you have been thinking about making the switch to Adobe, now is the time. 

A Universal Lens Cap

Yes, you probably have a lens cap for all of your lenses. However, now is the time to invest in this Universal Lens Cap by KUVRD. This cap protects your lens from dust, dirt, and is water-resistant. This is a great option for traveling wedding photographers to keep your lens safe and it fits all cameras. 

Power Banks For More Power On The Go

We can attest to the power of this power bank. The Anker PowerCore creates large power banks that when fully charged can charge so many devices at once. With multiple USB connectors, they are great for charging cameras, tablets, phones, and everything in between. 

The Perfect External Flash

Are you shooting weddings without a versatile external flash? Not anymore. If you’re ready for an upgrade on your external flash, we are here to cheer you on. The Canon Speedlite 430EX III-RT Flash is a great overall choice for all the Canon photographers out there. While this one is a bit on the pricier side, the reviews alone prove that its external flash works great in most environments and conditions.  

Don’t worry Nikoners, we didn’t forget about you. Check out the Nikon SB-700 AF Speedlight Flash. It is compact, versatile, and compatible with a wide range of other Nikon DSLRs. 

A Proper Memory Card Case

A memory card case is perfect for those who lose everything in their purses, backpacks, and—even worse—their camera bags. A little storage pouch keeps all of your memory cards safe and easy to find. This VKO Memory Card case fits SD, CF, and Micro SD cards all while protecting them against dirt and scratches. Bonus: the top of the case is water-resistant, which is why this product found itself high on our list of wedding photographer equipment. 

Memory Cards And More Memory Cards

Speaking of memory cards, don’t forget that having more than one on hand is a need for every wedding photographer. If you don’t already own five, these SanDisk 64GB Memory Cards are an easy to wrap gift! Is 64GB not enough memory capacity? We get it. There’s also the 256 GB card.

Multi-Card Reader

Never waste time uploading a single memory card again.  Using multiple memory cards for a single session used to mean using precious time uploading them one by one. Not anymore. Upload them at the same time with this Transcend Multi-Card Reader that is compact and portable. Perfect for your camera bag, you can bring this reader everywhere you go. 

Cool Yet Functional Camera Strap

We know that camera straps are either very personalized or very sturdy, but this one is on our wish lists! The Peak Design Slide Lite Camera Strap is durable and adjusts quickly with just one hand. The seatbelt style keeps things sturdy and comfortable. 

product guide night sky photo

photo by Fotomagoria

A Sleek Tripod

Tripods are a godsend. Whether you’re lacking a tripod or are looking to get a new one, check out this simple and sleek Manfrotto 190xPro4 tripod. The easy to use design is great for wedding photographers looking for a mid-weight tripod, and it’s definitely worth investing in. 

Exceptional Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Yes, just like the ones in your sunglasses case. These cleaning cloths are essential for every photographer and videographer. We won’t explain the importance of a clean lens. Instead,  we’ll introduce these MagicFiber Cleaning Cloths that come in a pack of 6 and have their own cases to keep them clean—and not lost in your bag!

A Sturdy and Polished Camera Backpack

Camera bags can be so cute and stylish, but durability is important for traveling photographers. This Thule Aspect DSLR Camera Backpack has a padded section to keep your DSLR safe and secure. There’s also room for your laptop and iPad for editing on the go. We love the multiple pockets so you don’t lose the new memory cards and cleaning cloths you just ordered. 

A Hot Keys Shortcut Keyboard Skin

Recently decided to upgrade your Adobe? This shortcut keyboard skin is awesome for Adobe experts and newbies alike It has all of the useful shortcuts for editing on a Macbook. Until the shortcuts become second nature, this is a useful guide and will cut down on how frequently you’re fiddling with their help guide.

Fun But Useful Lens Wraps or Cases

These water-repellent lens wraps are great for taking care of your lenses inside of your camera bag, or for quick lens changes. With multiple colors and sizes, the wraps are great for all DSLR lenses. If these wraps are not your style, there are also neoprene pouches that come with a strong drawstring to keep your lenses safe.

Lens Cap Holder

Never lose another lens cap again—or accidentally wash it with the laundry. These lens cap holders are great and fit lens caps of all different sizes. Definitely don’t sleep on this—we’re ordering a few for ourselves.

Colorful Smoke Bombs

Scrolling wedding photography blogs and seeing the colorful smoke effects in your favorite photos? Don’t be afraid to try them out yourself. These ones by Enola Gaye come in 9 colors and last 90 seconds so there’s time to capture great shots. Enola Gaye’s smoke bombs are non-toxic with a fully biodegradable body, which we love. 

Air Blaster

This Rocket Air Blaster is great to keep dirt and dust out of any lens and camera. Stop wiping them with your shirt and getting grease from your hands on precious equipment. When a microfiber cloth won’t do the trick, sometimes you need a blast of air. 

We hope this guide was helpful for your own wish list or in shopping for gifts. Was there a piece of photography equipment we missed that you love? Let us know!

Don’t be afraid to gift these to yourself this holiday season. We’d love to know which of these products are on your wish list this year. Not sure if you need all of these products? Check out our pre-wedding and post-wedding checklists to see just how important they can be! 

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