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Weddings go by fast, which is why making the most out of the short amount of time you have with your couple before and/or after the ceremony is pivotal. It’s during these photo sessions that photographers have the ability to test themselves creatively and capture unique and intimate images that will live with their couples for years to come. We have DT studio here today to inspire us all with some stunning couple portraiture and words of wisdom. Enjoy!



How do you get your couples comfortable in front of the camera? 

My passion is to create the beautiful, spontaneous and romantic images that showcase true emotions, so it’s important for me to make a personal connection with each individual couple. Once I have the couple’s confidence they can be relaxed and comfortable because they see me as a friend.




How do you push yourself creatively when shooting couple portraiture? 

I am devoted to capturing the moments and feelings that can be felt and relived for years to come. I tend to have a fresh approach, while keeping the shooting fun and effortless. When I used to study classical music composition, I learned how to have a creative, artistic approach while respecting technique. This is similar to my approach to photography. I try to create something new rather than create something I’ve done before, but I also use my photography knowledge and experience to make sure that I have the best background and conditions for shooting by choosing the right locations and lighting to create stunning portraits that embody the joy and beauty of the moment and the location. Sometimes the location is the key inspiration for shooting and improvising with something new!







What equipment do you use most often for couple portraits? 

For couple portraits on special location I like to use various lenses; 14mm f/2.8 to capture wide angle shots with backgrounds, ‘normal’ 50mm f/1.2 with beautiful bokeh, and I also use 200mm f/2.8 telephoto lens which gives me the ability to capture couple’s moments, while leaving some intimate space in between us. I choose to shoot digital with Canon full frame cameras because it gives me the ability to capture precious moments without many limits of classical cameras, while also taking advantage of today’s cameras advanced technology like sensor resolution, low light ability, and dynamic range.







Thanks so much to Dijana from DT studio for sharing her thoughts on couple portraiture! For more tips on photographing, check out Photographing Beach Weddings with Villetto Photography.


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  1. Such a beautiful photoshoot, wish it was mine 🙂

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