Top Pics of the Month for April 2023

wedding day couple running across empty highway

photo by The Honey Oaks

Just when we think we’ve seen it all, we find top pics that are invigoratingly fresh and original. One image in this month’s roundup features a couple (seemingly ranchers or farmers) sitting back-to-back next to their saddled horse. The photo feels especially interesting since it’s not often that we get to see a couple at work. It brings up the idea that even though the norm is to get dressed up and take engagement photos in the prettiest nearby park, a day-in-the-life perspective may produce even more meaningful and impactful photos. It allows the viewer to see who the couple really is and what makes their love unique.

Another standout image has a couple sitting in the middle of a bare room surrounded by objects like ladders and folding chairs. It’s not the setting you envision when imagining classy portraits in a studio. But that’s exactly what makes the shot a standout–the couple is calm and sophisticated amongst the messy and mundane. It’s a juxtaposition that turned out beautifully memorable.

So along with these two interesting images, please enjoy the rest of our top pics of April 2023. We hope they inspire you to try something out of the ordinary during your next engagement session.

Top Pics of April 2023

traditional wedding couple in detailed room

photo by Ameirfikri

joyful wedding wedding guest swinging napkin

photo by Ana Mata Photo

Top pics April 2023

photo by Evi&Jo

strange studio couple portrait with visible equipment

photo by Freddy Fernando of Doxa Pictures

couple in cowboy hats and horse

photo by Ivywild Visuals

black and white moody and ethereal bridal portrait

photo by Reza Prananda

top pics April 2023

photo by samsul hidayat

wide shot wedding day couple running across empty highway

photo by The Honey Oaks

South Asian bridal portrait

photo by DelhiVelvet


bride walking down the aisle in symmetrical portrait

photo by AKSA Creative

couple exit with guests throwing flower petals

photo by AKSA Creative

top pics for April 2023 moody bridal portrait

photo by Tree Arcade

Thank you for viewing our Top Pics for April 2023, and thank you to the photographers who contributed. Keep sharing your work with us on Facebook and Instagram no matter how offbeat it may be. Honestly, the stranger the better! Now, here’s a roundup of experimental photos to keep the inspiration flowing.

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