Top Pics of the Month for November 2023

At Photobug Community, weddings and their monumental moments often take center stage. But the November 2023 Top Pics serve as a reminder that love radiates brightly in life’s simplest moments, too. Whether it’s an engagement, anniversary, or connection session, sometimes all you need to do is observe. It can be right there within those natural interactions that you preserve a couple’s beautifully unique quirks and physical connection.

Below are a few of our favorite moments from November, from sweet kisses in a carnival photo booth to warm hugs inside a busy train car. We hope you witness and document invaluable moments–big or small–throughout the upcoming holiday season.

Top Pics of November 2023

Love Within Everyday Life

Photo taken with a Nikon d750 and Nikkor 45mm f/2.8 ED Tilt-shift lens. Shot in Kraków, Poland.

“Our photo shoot was coming to an end on a rainy day, so we decided to return home by tram. I got the idea for a couple’s portrait among all the people in the everyday rush. I wanted to capture their romantic touch in a simple reality. We had about three minutes to create the photo in a packed car.” – Patrycja Mazur

abstract prism portrait with lanterns

Image by masbay.jpg

Moody Weather in the Dolomites

wedding elopement with black veil in the Dolomites

Image by Eastlyn Bright Tolle of Eastlyn & Joshua

Photo data: 35mm, ISO 800, f/2.2, 1/2500, custom preset. Shot in Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Dolomites, Italy.

“Under the veil of thick clouds and fog, Mackenzie and John’s elopement in the Dolomites took on a mysterious and enchanting ambiance. The dim light cast a soft, diffused glow over the landscape, which created an ethereal atmosphere. Mackenzie wanted it to feel as untraditional as possible, and since she’s not a fan of wearing white, she wore a color she felt comfortable in. Her look, paired with this location and the moody weather, had a very Renaissance feel–which we think is exactly what an Italian elopement should feel like.” – Eastlyn Tolle

couple portrait in a greenhouse

Image by Foggy Stories

We can’t thank these photographers enough for sharing their work with us this November. Keep an eye on our Photobug Community Facebook page for upcoming challenges and roundup opportunities. And for your next non-wedding session, don’t forget to prep a playlist! Music can be the ultimate way to create intimate, relaxed moments between your couples.

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