Top Pics of the Month for September 2023

When you think about weddings as a whole, the photo opportunities are nothing short of endless. Considering the sheer amount of people, design elements, and fleeting moments, it can all be a lot for one person to capture. An important part of being a successful wedding photographer is letting your instincts guide the way. Since you can’t be in twenty places at once snapping endlessly, you have to be able to make instant decisions regarding where to be and what to document. Sometimes those gut feelings lead to truly special images; photos with enough character and beauty, they wind up in our Top Pics of the Month.

While not as high stakes, the same goes for pre-wedding and styled shoots. In any given photoshoot scenario, you have to be able to look from both a macro and micro perspective to know where the best photos lie. Below are 23 images that caught our attention around the web this month, all showing instinctual prowess and skill.

Top Pics of September 2023

Creating New Material With Your Community

Photo Data: Canon 6D, 50mm, ISO 200, F2.2, 1/2500 shutter

“This image was taken while attending a content day in Port Elizabeth, South Africa hosted by local creatives. The purpose was to connect people in the industry and elevate our creative mindsets.” – Lize of Boundless Hearts Photo
Model: Taneal Trojak
MUA: Kaleigh Stopforth
Dress: Casa Blair Bridal

wide shot photo of wedding day couple by river

Image by Lauren Elliott

Photo data: 24mm lens, 100 ISO, F2.0, 1/250 shutter

women crying in close-up portrait with fiance


The Magic of Sunrise Portraits

wedding elopement in Yosemite National Park looking at Half-Dome

Image by Kylie Farmer

 Photo Data: Sony a7iii with a Sony 35mm 1.4 G-Master lens

“Karla and Moises came all the way from Wisconsin to elope in Yosemite National Park. They opted for a private first look and portraits before their ceremony at around sunrise since the park tends to be less crowded then.” – Kylie Farmer

Photo data: Mavic Air 2S drone, 22mm,  F2.8, ISO 110, 1/400 shutter

Tilt-shift Lens Goodness

top pics of the month september 2023

Image by Patrycja Mazur

“This photograph was taken in Paris, specifically in Tuileries Garden. One day I noticed and really liked the perspective and composition of a particular view there. So on a different day I brought my couple to that exact spot for a photoshoot. Along with my Nikon d750, I used my Nikon PC-E Micro-NIKKOR 45mm f/2.8D ED Tilt-Shift Lens to create this fairytale look. I made it black & white because I really like the contrast and wanted to focus on this exact moment of kissing.” – Patrycja Mazur

bride and groom walking down the aisle with their dog

Image by Josefin Westin

Shooting in Unexpected Places

bride and groom dancing in abandoned swimming pool

Image by Karina Leonenko

“The couple arrived with a small group of their closest friends in Cyprus and had an intimate elopement on the beach surrounded by sea caves. As soon as I saw the bride, I couldn’t help but notice the blue dress she was wearing. Instantly, an idea sparked in my mind. I recalled an abandoned hotel nearby, nestled in the serene surroundings, with an empty pool that held an air of mystery. Proposing the idea to the couple, we all agreed to have a photoshoot there. Laughter filled the air as we captured unforgettable moments.” – Karina Leonenko

Photo data:  Leica MP; Summilux 35mm F1.4 ASPH; Potra 400H film; developed at Ojisan Film Lab. Shot in Duong Lam, Vietnam.

Photo data: Canon R6 MKII, 35mm, ISO 1000, F1.4, 1/250 shutter. Taken on a beach in Ontario, Canada. 

top pics of the month for september 2023

Image by Tali Jiwo

Really–Sunrises Are Perfect for Portraits

sunrise portrait session in car parking lot

Image by Dion Benardi

“Fun fact about this particular shot: I was not expecting the light from the sunrise to come in. We were shooting near the vending machine in that parking lot, and then I turned around to this beautiful scene. Thankfully I caught it just in time, and I asked Ilma & Jun to run toward the end of the parking lot (they are my friends, so there was no hesitation from me). Just before they started to run, I pressed my shutter, and voila.” –Dion Benardi

Thanks for checking out our Top Pics of  September 2023. We hope you can let your own photographic instincts and intuition guide the way during your next wedding.  Wondering what else makes a photographer stand out? Here are more personal lessons that members of Photobug Community cherish.

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