Top Pics of the Month for January 2022

Welcome to the new year, Photobug Community! We’re back from the holiday season and ready to be your guides in making your business the best it can be in 2022. Fresh perspectives, both creatively and professionally, are essential to starting to your year off right.

Below is a collection of diverse wedding photos from photographers around the globe. It includes vivid landscapes that give center stage to nature and editorial shots with artistic moody editing. We hope this roundup gets your creative juices flowing in this brand new year. Cheers to new beginnings!

A Favorite Moment of 2021 

This couple travelled all the way from Florida to the Isle of Skye with some of their closest friends and family. The autumnal weather was kind to them for the ceremony. However, by the end, they were starting to get cold. We planned to go straight back to the hotel to warm everyone up when this rainbow broke the sky. They were up for some quick portraits, and we were so glad they were as it just felt like the moment was meant to be. It’s one of our favorite moments from 2021!

twinkle fairy lights at wedding reception

photo by Prisma Blanco

Top Pics of the Month for January 2022

photo by Christopher Lee of Anantra Pictures

iPhone used for reflection in wedding day photo

photo by Marc Benkmann

Creating a Visual Story in One Frame

There is a beautiful story behind this photo! The two amazing humans Moni and Franz decided to elope on an island in Germany. Celebrating birthday and marriage one day before Christmas at their place of childhood memories! 

After we were finished with the actual portraits, I had the idea for one last photo when I spotted an avenue of trees. So I asked the couple to frolic from left to right and back a few times between two trees. The foreground didn’t add any story to the image and I wanted to include the branches of the trees, so I used my phone for a reflection. In order to capture the perfect moment, I shot plenty of frames on a Sony A9 with a 35mm lens. Since it was freezing cold, we had to be quick – it just took us less than two minutes from the first idea to the final image.

Big Sur, California bridal portrait on cliff

photo by The DeLauras

Top Pics of the Month for January 2022

photo by Not Pixelated

couple in city with their two West Highland White Terriers

photo by Carj Studio

couple landscape portrait in front of Alberta waterfall

photo by Carey Nash

Popular Spot That’s Tourist-free 

This photo was taken at a waterfall in Southern Alberta, Canada. It’s a very popular spot for tourists and visitors in the summer. We visited right after Covid-19 restrictions were lifted, which allowed us to capture moments free from tourists who weren’t aware the spot was open again. The photo was shot on the Sony a7iii.

same-sex couple in elaborate New Orleans restaurant

photo by Kevin Benoit

Exploring Symmetry within Nature 

On the Atlantic west coast just north of Cabo da Roca in Portugal is a little gem of a beach – Praia da Ursa. Unspoiled and wild, this little beach was the setting to photograph Catarina and Chris’ love. Catarina is Portuguese and Chris is Norwegian, and their love is one of those that is almost palpable. Each and every movement they make is a gesture of love. 

On this beach it is very easy to photograph because any angle results in a wonderful framing. But in this particular photo, we found this little corner with tall narrow walls and I wanted to explore its symmetry. For this photo shoot I used my Canon R camera and my lens of choice, the Sigma 35mm- 1.4.

Top Pics of the Month for January 2022

photo by Nebula Bodas

From updating your workflow to learning new techniques, we love sharing ways for you to improve and grow your business. We hope the Top Pics of the Month for January 2022 provided a boost of inspiration to your new year. Thanks to all the photographers who contributed their images and stories. To be a part of next month’s roundup, make sure to join Photobug Community’s Facebook group!

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