5 Core Business Elements To Revamp Before The New Year

New Years is quickly approaching. Which means it’s time for new goals and an epic behind-the-scenes revamp that’ll jumpstart the growth and success of your wedding photography business. 

We’ve stressed the importance of consistently re-evaluating the core elements of your business. But what exactly are those core elements you should be looking into? From your business plan to your marketing strategy, we’ve created a guide for the specific areas you should dive into when revamping your business before the New Year. 

Update Your Overall Business Plan 

Your business plan should sum up every detail regarding your wedding photography business. Your target market, offered products, and even branding—which is an underrated  step in building your business. Your plan should also include business goals and a road map of how you’ll reach those goals. With all these moving parts, it’s no surprise that your business plan needs updating often. 

Updating your business strategy regularly will allow for you to maximize efficiency and create a top-notch experience for you and your clients. 

Update Your Business Contracts

Contracts are crucial for every business. They’re used to outline the agreed expectations between both parties—you and your client. And as your photography business continues to grow, it may be necessary for your contracts to also change. 

Reflect back on your past year and ask yourself—was there any miscommunication or maybe bumpy interactions that could have been avoided if they were specified in your written agreement? If the answer is yes, make the necessary improvements to your contract that’ll help avoid these issues in the future. This is the best way to protect you and keep your future clients happy

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Reassess Your Pricing 

Deciding whether or not to raise your prices can be a tough and stressful decision. But, it’s important to value your time, experience, and quality of work. If you’ve spent the last year investing in your business when it comes to new gear, workshops, and experiences it might be time to raise those rates. 

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Revamp Your Business Marketing Strategy 

If your marketing strategy isn’t targeted to your ideal audience, bookings will be difficult to get. Lucky for you, there are many different ways to get your work in front of potential clients. Some of those include word of mouth referrals, online reviews, and utilizing all the social media platforms available. This is where your marketing strategies intersect and become important. 

Optimize your marketing strategy by developing unique Instagram hashtags, playing around with different posting times on social media, and even carving out more time in your schedule for creating engaging captions. You can also use this marketing strategy revamp as a way to tap into new realms like Instagram Reels or email marketing

Re-Evaluate Your Workflow 

Communicating with clients, culling, and editing—your post-production work plays an important role in the success of your wedding photography business. With the majority of your work being behind-the-scenes, it’s important to consistently re-evaluate your workflow—especially during the New Year. 

This is your chance to ensure you’re maximizing your own efficiency. Or if you’re just looking to free up time in your schedule, consider adapting by automating your workflow, outsourcing, or even hiring an assistant.  

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Now that you know what core business elements you’ll need to evaluate, it’s time to take on our 10-Day challenge to revamp your photography business! This challenge is packed with daily tasks that’ll allow you to make huge strides in your wedding photography business before the New Year. What are you waiting for? It’s time to grow your business.

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