Top Pics of the Month for November 2021

It’s time once again for us to share our favorite wedding and couple photos from the past month. The following images gathered throughout November provide both inspiration and memorable moments––from a stunning iPhone capture to one deeply emotional shot of a first look.

We’re kicking off the list with a creative photo that demonstrates how post-production can turn an ordinary photo into something truly stellar. We hope you enjoy browsing this month’s top pics!

The Wonders of Photoshop

This photo was from a styled shoot planned to be a fairytale-like elopement in Franconian Switzerland. In this photo I told the couple to take each other by the hand and to enjoy the special mood of blue hour. The sun had just set. Later in post-production I copied the image four times in Photoshop and arranged them for the final result. I also used masks and multiple layers to do this. I wanted to create art rather than a traditional photo.

bride alone within hilltops

image by Studio 123

drone shot of bride and groom in canoe

image by Francis Fraioli

A Night Out in Lisbon

We captured this beautiful couple on the streets of Lisbon at night. We started the official session one hour before dinner, ate together, went out for some drinks, and then continued the shoot afterwards just for fun!

Top Pics of the Month for November 2021

photo by Dillon Kin

An iPhone is All You Need

This photo was taken on an iPhone with one key light with a MagMod sphere. Plus we utilized 2 orange gels on a tree.

same sex couple rollerskating on parking garage

photo by Anchored Image

bridal portrait dark and moody veil

image by Resza Sebastian of JIWA Photography

Top Pics of the Month for November 2021

photo by Zulham Pahlevi

Smoke Plus Fairy Lights Equals Magic

Caitlyn and Glen’s wedding took place at a very unique property in Port Douglas called Rainforest Grotto. It’s a venue hidden behind cane fields and surrounded by the rainforest. I always try to get some night portraits of my couples and this property is perfect for smoke. I was able to get all of my typical shots with the smoke placed where I wanted it, and was satisfied. But then we headed over to a bridge deep in the forest which happened to be covered in fairy lights. The smoke ended up drifting over the bridge which added so much more atmosphere to the shot. The result was this gorgeous photo! 

Top Pics of the Month for 2021

photo by MORDÈN

Thank you to all of the photographers featured above who shared their work with this amazing community! We hope you continue to share in our Photobug Community Facebook group and on Instagram by using the tag #photobugcommunity. 

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