Top Pics of the Month for September 2021

The outstanding photos we’ve gathered for September 2021’s top pics collection have our team appreciating all that light has to offer. Light is as beautifully simple as it is multifaceted. Possibilities are endless when it comes to composition, mood, and atmosphere within a photograph by working with light.

A unique or experimental lighting choice can make an otherwise ordinary photo completely extraordinary. Below you’ll find our favorite shots from the month—many of which showcase an impressive use of either artificial or natural light by the photographer. Keep scrolling to see this month’s top pics!

A Truly Beautiful Unplugged Ceremony Moment

Iina and Erik got married in Turku, Finland. They had the most magical ceremony exit because every guest focused on the couple’s exit instead of their phones. Honestly, there was a lot of luck involved! In actuality, no one told the guests to put their phones away, it just happened all on its own. One thing I always tell my couples is to kiss on their way out. That way they get a ceremony kiss photo with all their guests in the background instead of just them and the priest.

Self Portrait Featuring a Very Special Guest 

For our elopement, we backpacked the Wonderland Trail in Mt. Rainier National Park. Unfortunately we weren’t able to bring our cat, Indy, with us. So a week or so after the original elopement, we did a mini-backpacking trip with our cat at an overlook of the same mountain. While there, we took some self portraits with him, ate at the camp, and stargazed. In the morning we even put his paw prints on our copy of the marriage license!

Top Pics of the Month September 2021

photo by Art of Moment

two flower girls outside church top pics

photo by Emmy Shoots

wedding day couple portrait using kaleidoscope glass

image by The Hendrys

Utilizing an Unconventional Accessory 

For this shot we used our trusty Canon 5D Mark III with our Canon 35mm f1.4 lens. In order to achieve the ring effect around the couple, we actually used some kaleidoscope glass. Lastly, the lighting source was a skylight. ISO: 1000 – F: 2.5 – S: 1/250 

Top Pics of the Month September 2021

photo by Montana Lee of Lakes & Light Photography

moody bridal portrait with fog 2021

image by Tania Salim

An Unforgettable Elopement Location

First and foremost, it was amazing how Iceland welcomed us. When we arrived, it felt as if we had landed on another planet. There was dark sand, dark black rocks, and a narrow road in the background. This shot was taken at a location only 30 minutes outside of  Reykjavik.

same sex first look 2021 September Top Pic

image by Safeena Noah

Top Pics of the month September 2021

photo by Studio Gabriel

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