Update Your Space With These 10 Workspace Decor Ideas

If you’ve got a drab office space, it can leave you feeling uninspired and unmotivated to edit creative images for your clients. Instead of neglecting your office, take advantage of these ten ideas to revamp your photography workspace decor.

Photography Workspace Decor Ideas

1. Utilize Hairpin Leg Furniture

If you’ve ever wondered how to make a DIY table on the cheap, hairpin legs are the dream solution. Aside from being reasonably priced, these table legs add an industrial and modern feel to any space.

Photography workspace

Image by Blanco Bungalow

Shop hairpin leg desks:

2. Add a Black and White Patterned Rug

A uniquely patterned black and white rug can add a subtle pop of drama to an otherwise calm and tranquil space.

Photography workspace

Image by Brooke Testoni

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3. Bring on the Plants

If you’re the kind of person who believes your best work is done outside in the fresh air, then bringing the outdoors into your indoor office will help to make you feel right at home.

Photography workspace

Image by JC Design

Shop planters:

4. Add Some Gold Accent Workspace Décor

Gold is popping up everywhere, especially in office décor. Incorporate it using candles, planters, frames, lamps, and other décor accent items.

Image by Melissa George

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5. Add Some Retro Office Seating

Retro office seating can add charm to any workspace. You can even save some money on furniture costs by taking advantage of garage sales and thrift store finds.

Image by Sigrid & Co

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6. Swap For A Neutral Or White Desk

For those who like clean workspaces, a neutral or white desk can add simplicity and minimalism to your work environment. You may be the most cluttered person ever, but somehow these desks make it all look better.

Image by Arielle Vey

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7. Soak Up the Natural Light

Adding natural light to your office might be a no-brainer to some, but we have to include it in this list because it’s the cheapest way to improve your workspace setup. Move your desk closer to a window, and you’ll be more productive.

Image by Camille Styles

8. Add a Gallery Wall

Gallery walls have been around for a long time but they don’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. They are an easy way to not only showcase your photography work but also add some life to your walls.

Image by Caroline Hellal

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9. Add Some Minimalist Shelving

Bookcases and traditional shelves are great, but why not add a more modern approach to your space? Floating shelving, or what is also known as minimalist shelving, can help you highlight what is really important in your work/life, while also adding some functionality to your space.

Shop floating shelves:

10. Throw In An Accent Walls to Update Your Workspace Decor

Add a pop of color to your space with a painted wall, or mix it up and add a fun printed wallpaper.

Image by Jessica Brigham

Image by Mary Lauren

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Image by Sara Toufali

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  1. That is a comfy yet stylish furniture. I also love the look of your blog it’s so fresh. :)I really need to get a comfy desk chair for my home office space this would really help complete my home office set up!

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