Update Your Space With These 10 Workspace Decor Ideas

Let’s face it, as a photographer you’re working a lot on your computer. Since the best way to cull and edit is with an extra monitor, you’re most likely getting things done at a desk or in an office. And a drab workspace can leave you feeling uninspired or unmotivated for those long hauls in post-production. But it’s easier than you might think to bring in some creativity and artistry to your space. Adding stylish office decor can make your space feel new again. We gathered our favorite decor and design ideas that will make any photographer’s workspace feel fresh, comfy, and creative.

Photographer Office Decor Ideas

1. Upgrade your Desk

From industrial to vintage-inspired, you can find just about any desk that fits your personal style. And the best part is, if you need lots of space for productivity, you don’t have to skimp on design. With more and more people working from home these days, there are a multitude of desks available that combine the two.

Photobug Tip: Opt for an adjustable desk that allows you to work sitting or standing. Your posture will thank you.

Office Decor for Wedding Photographers

Image by Brooke Testoni

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2. Roll Out a Patterned Rug

A uniquely patterned rug can bring life to a seemingly plain space. We personally love any Moroccan or Turkish-inspired rug these days. If you’re keeping things neutral, consider a woven or textured rug instead.

colorful rug in bohemian home office

Image by brightenmade

Shop office rugs:

3. Bring on the Plants

If you’re the kind of person who believes your best work is done outside in the fresh air, then bringing the outdoors into your indoor office will help to make you feel right at home.

Photography workspace

Image by JC Design

Shop planters:

4. Add Unique Accents

Placing your favorite knick knacks, travel souvenirs, or other new accents around your office will give your space personality. Office decor doesn’t have to be serious–choose interesting, creative pieces to fill your shelves or bookcases. 

Home Office Decor shelving with accent pieces

Image by Jessica Isaac

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5. Add Some Retro Office Seating

Retro office seating can add charm to any workspace. You can even save some money on furniture costs by taking advantage of garage sales and thrift store finds.

Image by Sigrid & Co

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6. Get A Statement Piece

You see them all the time at weddings, but have you ever considered adding a neon sign to your workspace? Adding a statement or focal piece might be all the room needs to give it that extra zing. When it comes to a neon sign, you can choose a motivating phrase, too.

office with neon sign on wall

Image by Dan Arnold

Shop statement wall pieces:

7. Soak Up the Natural Light

Adding natural light to your office might be a no-brainer to some, but we have to include it in this list because it’s the cheapest way to improve your workspace setup. Move your desk closer to a window, and you’ll be more productive.

Image by Camille Styles

8. Consider Other Lighting Options

But if your space isn’t blessed with natural lighting, not to worry. There are many alternative options for making your space bright and happy. From floor to desk lamps, or even a new overhead fixture, adding new lighting is easy and transformative to a space.

pink home office with unique office decor

Image by This House 5000

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9. Add Some Minimalist Shelving

Bookcases and traditional shelves are great, but why not add a more modern approach to your space? Floating shelving, or what is also known as minimalist shelving, can help you highlight what is really important in your work/life, while also adding some functionality to your space.

Shop shelves:

10. Throw In An Accent Walls to Update Your Office Decor

Add a pop of color to your space with a painted wall, or mix it up and add a fun printed wallpaper.

Image by Jessica Brigham

Image by Mary Lauren

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  1. That is a comfy yet stylish furniture. I also love the look of your blog it’s so fresh. :)I really need to get a comfy desk chair for my home office space this would really help complete my home office set up!

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