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vintage photography preset could in road kissing

Image by Dallas & Sabrina. Photobug – Super 8 – 1 Preset.

By now, you’ve probably noticed the growing popularity of vintage wedding trends. Couples are embracing midcentury design and retro vibes in a variety of ways, including in their bachelorette parties, engagement sessions, wedding cakes, and bridal accessories. Vintage aesthetics are popping up within photography too–we’re seeing more direct flash, film photography, and intentional motion blur. The reason for this budding trend is easy to understand, as there’s something undeniably romantic and cool about vintage photos. So why aren’t we seeing even more photographers embrace this old-school photo trend that couples adore?

It could be that the use of analog cameras poses certain challenges. Photographers juggle numerous responsibilities while shooting, and the absence of a digital camera’s large image capacity and handiness is tough.

If you’re eager to infuse vintage charm into your wedding coverage–while still benefitting from your modern equipment–look no further than Photobug Presets. Developed in collaboration with the talented preset designer G-Presets, our goal was to introduce something new and exciting to the world of wedding photography. And boy, did G-Presets bring our vision to life. Inside the Protobug Presets pack are two folders of Super 8-inspired presets unlike any others available. It’s time to explore why these presets are a must-have addition to your photography toolkit.

bride in black and white photo

Image by Brittany Boote. Photobug – Super 8 – 5 BW Preset.

Why Vintage?

The vintage craze has touched just about every part of wedding planning. Say what you will about trends, but every now and then one comes a long that sticks. And something about vintage photos transcends mere trendiness. Vintage-inspired photos have a timeless and authentic quality that sets them apart from conventional modern edits.

Who doesn’t love browsing through our grandparents old photos? You instantly get a warm, nostalgic feeling that makes our love and connections feel all the more tangible. What a wonderful sentiment to recreate with our modern wedding photos. No matter how many years go by, those vintage-inspired photos will be cool and unique. We’re not saying that every photo you deliver should be vintage-inspired, but with Photobug Presets you can easily add a warm touch of nostalgia to your galleries. 

Image by Kyle Farmer. Photobug – Super 8 – 2 Preset.

couple running through field in vintage wedding photo

Image by Dallas & Sabrina. Photobug – Super 8 – Dust 1 and Light Leak 2 Preset Effects.

About Our Vintage Photobug Presets

The first folder of the vintage-inspired Photobug Presets contains seven comprehensive edits that give your photos a complete vintage look with just one click. These edits were designed to give your photos an old-school, Super 8 film look in a flash. They present the perfect balance of haze, grain, dust, contrast and tonality into each shot.

In the second folder, on the other hand, are nine individual effects you can either use singularly or layer multiple together as you see fit. The nine effects are comprised of three different types of dust, two light leaks, two types of vintage borders, plus two blurred edges. These effects help to bring just a touch of vintage appeal to your photos or allow you to create a whole unique edit that’s all your own.

vintage preset photo of bride is silk dress

Image by Brittany Boote. Photobug – Super 8 – 6 BW Preset.

Image by Brittany Boote. Photobug – Super 8 – Light Leak 1, Black Border, Blurred Edges Preset Effects.

What Vintage Presets Can Do For Your Business

If you’re still not convinced it’s the right move for you, here are some ways we think all wedding photographers will benefit when adding Photobug Presets to their editing toolkit. 

  • Be distinct among competitors. These presets help you to stand out in the best way. While other vintage wedding trends are widespread, not very many photographers offer vintage photos. Your vintage edits could be a couple’s deciding factor between you and another photographer!
  • Make extra cash. You can turn your vintage-inspired photos into an upsell. Charge a small fee to incorporate vintage edits into your couple’s final gallery, along with your standard edits. Couples will love sharing them with family, reposting them on social media, or even getting them printed
  • Add fun to your editing sessions. We all know editing is the bane of a photographer’s existence. Even if you don’t think vintage-inspired edits will make it into your photo packages, they can at least provide you with a little fun while you edit. They can be something different to add to your Instagraml feed, too.

Vintage-inspired photography presets have the ability to transport us back in time, evoking the nostalgia and charm of yesteryear. They breathe life into our digital images, infusing them with a timeless allure that resonates with audiences of today. Whether you’re a seasoned photographer looking to add a unique touch to your portfolio or an enthusiast seeking some casual fun, Photobug Presets are a powerful tool that can transform your photography. Or, if you’re ready to completely change your photography style, check out our tips here.

get vintage-inspired photos with photobug presets

Image by Take It Photo. Photobug – Super 8 – 2 Preset.

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