30 Pinterest Board Ideas for Wedding Photographers

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If there’s anything you may know about us, it’s our love for Pinterest! In hopes to get you and other wedding photographers on the Pinterest train, we came up with 30 Pinterest board ideas that will help you jump start your Pinterest success. No more feeling like you’re in a Pinterest rut or not knowing where to start! Whether you’re new to using Pinterest or you just need a refresh, this post will have you feeling amped to utilize Pinterest for your business!

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Photo Inventory

Before creating Pinterest boards left and right, there are a few things to consider. First off, look at your own content and see how you could potentially organize and label those images. Do you photograph a lot of rustic, outdoor weddings? Or maybe you’re more city-based and photograph a lot of weddings in industrial wedding venues. Whatever it may be, take a quick inventory or what you already have – this will make it easier on yourself when you go to name and organize your boards.

As well, taking a look at your own content will give you insight on what you photograph a lot of and areas you may want to grow your portfolio. If there is an area you’re wanting to expand your reach on, then go make some magic and make people notice you! This is the perfect opportunity to make some goals to help you get your ideal client.

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Naming Your Boards

When it comes down to naming your Pinterest boards, you want to stay clear of naming them something that is hip or aesthetically pleasing. What do I mean? Steer clear of general and basic names like “wear,” “her style,” “his style,” etc. Think in terms of what actual people (like your future clients) are searching. Brides and grooms are using Pinterest as a search tool and will be searching specifics more than anything. Is a couple wanting a boho wedding vibe? Then I bet they’re using search terms like “boho bridal style,” “bohemian ceremony decor,” and more of the sorts. Because of that, you want to name your boards similar to the keywords and phrases people are using when they search Pinterest.

Another way to name of your boards is based on the location you are marketing. Are you from the midwest? Think of naming boards with those specifics in it – Midwest Wedding Photography, Illinois Wedding Photography, Chicago Elopement Inspiration. The more specific you can get, the better.

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Pinterest Board Ideas

Once you’ve taken inventory of your images and have figured out how to organize your boards, naming your Pinterest boards will be a breeze. We’ve gone ahead and have come up with 30 Pinterest board ideas to get you started.

  • Bohemian Wedding Inspiration
  • Modern Wedding Inspiration
  • Rustic Wedding Inspiration
  • Desert Wedding Inspiration
  • Waterfront Weddings
  • Mountain Weddings
  • Industrial Ceremony Spaces
  • Outdoor Ceremony Spaces
  • Romantic Ceremony Spaces
  • Boho Bridal Style
  • Modern Bridal Style
  • Classic Bridal Style
  • Groom Style
  • Wedding Party Style
  • Rustic Reception Decor
  • Industrial Reception Decor
  • Geometric Reception Decor
  • Centerpieces and Table Decor
  • First Look Photo Inspiration
  • Romantic Couple Portraits
  • Same Sex Portraits
  • Fall Wedding Inspiration
  • Winter Wedding Inspiration
  • Spring Wedding Inspiration
  • Summer Wedding Inspiration
  • (Location) Wedding Inspiration
  • (Location) Engagement Photo Inspiration
  • Engagement Session Fashion
  • Urban Engagement Session Inspiration
  • Adventure Engagement Session Inspiration

Pin this handy sheet for future use!

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If you’re ready to dive into the more nitty-gritty details on how to turn your Pinterest account into a way to get more leads and traffic to your site, then check out our e-course, Pinterest for Wedding Photographers!

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