6 Instagram Caption Tips for Wedding Photographers

Does your mind go blank when it comes time to write a caption for your Instagram post? Or do you get stuck writing the same handful of clever lines? Listen up! We’re here to help with these six Instagram caption tips that will make caption writing a breeze. Stop wasting time mulling over what to write and get your valuable time back. These tips will help you create meaningful, attention-grabbing captions without the stress each and every time.

Tip 1. Write In Your Brand’s Voice

One of the best tips for writing captions is to do it in your brand’s voice. What voice and tone do you use when communicating with your clients? That same attitude should carry to your Instagram captions.

If you’re feeling stuck, refer back to your website copy or emails you’ve sent—it’s all connected.  Keeping all communication in the same voice to make your brand stronger. Remember, you want to sound like you in your captions, not like any other photographer. You are your most unique and valuable asset to your business, so use it! Write a caption like you’re texting it to your favorite client and you’ll be surprised by how well your voice comes across.

Photobug tip:

After you write your caption, say it out loud. If it was awkward or hard to read then it’s going to come across that way to your audience. But if it sounds natural and flows well, then you have yourself a winner.

Tip 2. Put the Important Information Up Front

In journalism this tip is referred to as not burying your lead—don’t hide the important information. People scroll through their Instagram feeds fast, you only have a short window of time to grab your reader’s attention so make it count.

When writing Instagram captions, it’s best to put the most important information at the beginning of the caption so it doesn’t get cut off. Once you’ve got their attention, Instagram viewers are more likely to click “more” on your caption to read the rest.

Tip 3. Make it Engaging

Despite the constant algorithm changes, one thing remains true: an Instagram post’s engagement helps the longevity and reach of the post. Because of that, it’s important to create captions that engage your new and long-time followers.

Lucky for you, this can be done in many different ways. The best way? End your posts with a call to action (CTA). Your CTA should prompt your audience to do something. Here are a few of our favorite Instagram CTAs:

  • Ask your followers a question and tell them to comment with their answer
  • Promote a new blog post
  • Promote an old blog post—hello, evergreen content!

Instagram is a social network—treat it like one by engaging with your followers.

Tip 4. Introduce Yourself Often

Wedding photographers are used to being the ones behind the camera, but that shouldn’t be the case when it comes to Instagram. Create regular introduction posts by sharing a photo and sharing something about yourself with your followers. Whether you share something silly or serious, folks always enjoy learning more about their favorite photographers.

Not sure where to start sharing? Talk about how you got started in wedding photography, give five random facts about yourself, or tell a recent story about your travels.

Don’t forget that Instagram is a social platform for your brand so—like we said above—keep your brand’s voice in mind. Give your followers a look into your life through an Instagram caption but be sure to stay true to your brand.

Lewis Membery Photography Instagram tips for photographers

photo by Lewis Membrey

Tip 5. Write Then Edit

Writer’s block loves to creep in when you’re creating captions. The best way to beat writer’s block is to write—seriously. Write the first 10 words that come into your head even if they don’t make a sentence. Then add another 10 words. Next, string them together and read back through them.

Your 20-word caption will probably make you laugh, but that’s kind of the point. Nonsense can sometimes be enough to beat writer’s block and it’s always easier to go back and edit your caption once you’ve got something—anything—written down.

Tip 6. Relax

The last Instagram caption tip might seem simple, but it’s the easiest one to remember. When all else fails, relax. Putting added pressure on yourself to create the perfect caption for every photo isn’t going to make the process of writing a caption any easier.

Instagram is just an app and doesn’t need to have any control over how you feel. While it’s a great tool for marketing your business, it’s just that—a tool. Don’t fret and enjoy the process of creating posts that engage with your audience.

Want More Instagram Caption Tips?

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